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Difference Between Xbox 360 & Xbox One Emulation?

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  • Difference Between Xbox 360 & Xbox One Emulation?

    What is the difference between mapping as a virtual Xbox 360 and a virtual Xbox One? I saw that apparently Xbox One emulation doesn't support anything lower than Windows 10 but other than that, how are they different? Should I care?

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    Xbox One has trigger vibration. If the game supports it, then you should choose virtual Xbox One, and then it will work on a similar controller (Xbox One S, Series X, Elite 1 and 2).
    If you play using another controller, then the vibration will be directed to the main motor. It is configured here.

    If there is no such vibration in the game, then there is no difference between the controllers, and you can select 360.


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      Ohhhh, okay. I usually play with vibration completely off so I guess that's why I missed it. (Dang I've been playing with my elite series 2 and never noticed it had extra motors?) Can ya'll stick that somewhere on the Virtual Controller help page at some point? Maybe in the important nuances bullet list? That's where I looked first.


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        Thanks for the suggestion. We'll try to add this soon.