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    Can this software get me banned in Destiny 2?

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    reWASD is a remapping software. Thus, if you just use our software for remapping, there is no way you will be banned.
    Still, abuse of our features, such as turbo (rapid fire), macros are not recommended in competitive


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      Thank you for your quick reply. I am not intending to use any turbo or rapid fire alternatives. I have another question however.
      I keep remaping my keyboard and mouse keys to my gamepad xbox 360. Every time I do that and activate them, they work like for 5 seconds before Bungie's gamepad settings override them. I am trying to have the game recognise my keys from keyboard and mouse, not gamepad. But I also like to play with a gamepad rather than the keyboard and mouse. I hope I am explaining myself clearly
      So I want the keyboard and mouse keys, but by clicking them on the gamepad. How can I stop Bungie's settings from overriding Rewasd settings every time it recognise my gamepad?


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        You need to mute the controller's native input. To do this, use Unmap (part of the Advanced mapping feature).

        Click image for larger version

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          Thank you very much my good sir