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Please allow ReWASD to be active with "Mapping on" all the time.

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  • Please allow ReWASD to be active with "Mapping on" all the time.

    The biggest problem I have with ReWASD is it changes to "mapping Off" when I don't want it to. It does this from the launch of a game to the start of a game leaving me with no control. Sometimes I have to Ctrl/Alt/Del, maximize ReWASD and turn mapping back on. Some games don't allow this though. I DO NOT have "Turn wireless gamepad off if not active ...." activated. ReWASD turns off mapping even when my wireless controller is still on. I would like nothing more that the ability to force ReWASD on no matter what the state of my controller is. I want ReWASD on, active with Mapping On all the time.

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    I am not exactly sure what happens in your case, so I may need a bit more details.

    Are you using Autodetect? This way reWASD applies a config when a certain process is in focus and, by default, removes this config when you switch to any other app. If you do not need it and you want the config to be applied forever, you just need to apply it manually.

    You have mentioned that you are using Ctrl+Alt+Del — and reWASD uses this combination too as an emergency stop — once you press it on your physical keyboard, the remap is turned off and your devices are back to the normal state. Is there a chance that your issue connected with it?


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      Not using Auto detect. Should I? I guess I create an association for each game I play?
      I have 1 game mapping I use on all games. I just remap my games to my default ReWASD mapping. I make my games match ReWASD, not visa versa.
      I do not use Ctrl/Alt/Del until I start my game and find my controls are not working. I reactivate ReWASD and most not all the time that will allow me to play the game. Some games freak out when I do that. It makes playing coop games difficult as i'm sure my friends get sick of me having issues.


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        Autodetect most likely won't help in this case.

        reWASD disables remap only when:
        1. CTRL+ALT+DEL shortcut was used.
        2. A button mapped to "Turn remap off" command was pressed.
        3. Autodetect removes the config when focus moves to a non-associated app.
        4. Active device or all devices in active group are disconnected.
        5. App is not activated and Trial Period has expired.
        #1, #2, #3 and #5 doesn't seem to be the case. And #4 can be "countered" by adding one always-connected device to the group (mouse or keyboard).

        Though I would suggest to check the USB port of your PC that is used to connect the controller for possible damage, or use another USB port, as it is not normal for a controller to disconnect randomly.


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          For #3, what if I launch a game and I have Razer GameBooster automatically running when I run a game? Could that cause a problem here? Though, it runs fine most of the time.


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            We have no information on how Razer GameBooster works, so I can't say if it has any impact on reWASD.
            If possible, add [Game Controller Mapping Service] (reWASDService.exe) and [reWASD Tray Agent] (reWASDEngine.exe) processes to the exclusions list of that software.


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              I tried this....
              #1, #2, #3 and #5 doesn't seem to be the case. And #4 can be "countered" by adding one always-connected device to the group (mouse or keyboard).
              This program has become so advanced and confusing LOL. Maybe this will be my solution. Thanks for the help. I will replay again after some playing time.