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Can commands (like toggle gyro on/off) not be used in combos?

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  • Can commands (like toggle gyro on/off) not be used in combos?

    I was trying to figure out if I can toggle on/off the state of my gyro by pressing the left trigger. Since I also want to for the actual left trigger button to be pressed, it seems like there isn't a way to do this since the 'combo' interface doesn't allow for adding rewasd commands? Or am I missing something? Let me explain my usage case:

    I have they Gyro 'off' by default, as I don't want the input by default.
    When I press the touchpad, I have the 'tap' press event set to 'enable' the gyro', and the release button set to 'disable the gyro'. Since the tap event doesn't have any assignment, it's fine.
    I also want to enable the gyro if I press the left trigger. However, if I set the button to 'enable' the gyro, then I can't use the left trigger button anymore. The obvious solution would be a combo that does both things, but there doesn't seem to be a way to add the gyro on/off command to the combo interface.
    I thought about doing this with shift modifiers, but the problem is that I can't really enter a shift layer yet with the 'tap' event (although I just read that you might be working on this). Since my gyro is off by default to support the touchpad tap use, then I need a way to turn it on when going to the shift layer, but I just don't see a way to trigger this action simultaneously with the left trigger.

    Am I missing something here?

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    Short answer: no, [Commands] are not available in [Combo editor].

    I suggest mapping the [Turn Gyro On/Off] command to [Press Start] and/or [Press Release] activators along with whatever mapping you are using on the button. It is also possible to map this command to trigger zones, so you can use that too.


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      Thanks, but there seems to be a bug with what you are suggesting. If I map the press start and press release to enable disable gyro on the SteamController's left trigger, it doesn't enable the gyro at all. However, for some reason it enables it for the wrong trigger, and it does work with the right trigger. Setting it on the right trigger doesn't work at all for any of the triggers. I've tested this with a brand new config and I can reproduce this bug every single time.


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        What you are suggesting seems to work with every button except for the triggers. Like I said, mapping it on the left trigger actually enables it for the right trigger, and mapping it for the right trigger doesn't work at all.


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          Attached example config. This is starting from the gyro in an 'off' state from the rewasd preferences.
          Attached Files


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            Thank you for the details, unfortunately you seems to find a bug — and yes, it seems to be reproduced for the left trigger only. When I remap the right trigger, the command works (however, I haven't found a command on your right trigger). Still, it won't help in your case — the trigger won't reproduce.

            We do plan to add commands to the Combo Editor, so stay tuned!


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              Originally Posted by flowerdealer View Post
              Attached example config. This is starting from the gyro in an 'off' state from the rewasd preferences.
              Please try to manually add trigger mappings to themselves on [Single Press] activator and check if that fixes the issue.


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                Thanks, the test build sent by Shion seems to have solved this issue! Would really love to see custom commands added to combos too though, that would add even more functionality and custumization!