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Remapping trigger buttons for movement problem

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  • Remapping trigger buttons for movement problem

    I like to remap the trigger buttons on my Microsoft Xbox One Controller to control forward and backwards movement. The right trigger controls forward movement and the left trigger controls backwards movement. Without remapping, this movement is controlled by pressing the right stick up or down. This remapping layout worked fine until the last update. Now, the right and left trigger buttons do not produce any movement when pressed. I tried remapping the right trigger to the W key for forward movement and the left trigger to the S key for backwards movement. No movement was produced by pressing either trigger. I tried remapping the trigger buttons to non-movement functions and those worked. I am using build Thank you for your help.
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    This is a known issue, and we have already fixed it in the newer build. Please re-download reWASD from the official site and install it again. You will also need to restart your PC with this one.

    I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Would be great to get your confirmation that it works properly with


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      It works properly with build Thank you.


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        Great news! Thanks for letting us know.