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How to split triggers (they are on the same axis)

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  • How to split triggers (they are on the same axis)

    Controller is Steam controller, scheme is Xbox, and i know xinput has triggers on the same axis, that it not practical for the racing sims. Is there a way to split them?

    Btw, excellent software.

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    Hello and thank you for your kind words!

    reWASD allows you to remap the triggers to virtual triggers and sticks, so there are three axes for Xbox controller. Xbox's triggers indeed have the same axis, but if the game supports this controller, it should understand that triggers share them. Not sure what exactly you want to achieve here. Could you please share more details, maybe in-game settings?


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      Hi, thanks for the quick reply. When driving you have throttle and brake that have their separate axis, and you can go full brake and full throttle simultaneously ( to 100% input). Xinput shares the axes for triggers, so if i press full throttle and just want to tap the brakes, tapping the brakes will not brake but just cut the throttle. If you press both triggers under xinput you will neither brake nor accelerate because it will put axes in neutral. I hope it makes sense.


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        Got your point, thank you!

        But unfortunately, at the moment, I do no see any proper solutions, just a few thoughts:

        1. If the game supports the DS4 controller, you may try to use it instead of XInput — and you will get two axes on the triggers.
        2. If not, maybe you could try to change the in-game settings and set brake and throttle to stick axes in the game? I mean swap the triggers and sticks (and do the same in your config). Then, you will have separated axes for the triggers. I assume racing games do not use all the stick axes, so you might have some options here.

        If both options do not work for your case, I assume, in the future releases, we could make a kind of special mode for racing games — so, if one of the triggers is pressed and then the second one is pressed, then the first one should be "muted", so you could get the full press from the trigger that was tapped. And vise versa We do have something like this in mind, but we won't be able to implement it anytime soon, as it is a pretty complex feature for our architecture.


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          Thanks again for the reply. I'm playing DOS games trough D-Fend firmware and i have no problems with it. Since i use Steam controller i have only one stick but i will try to map vertical axe to one trigger and see how it goes. Btw, here is the thread on Steam about this issue. It involves some Japanese drivers and some Chinese guy who bypassed it with Vjoy. I used chinese's guy script for some time, but Windows got updated and it stopped working. Anyways, it may help you find easier solution for this.


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            Thank you.
            I can't make any promises at this point, but we'll take a look at the topic.


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              Hey there!

              I have consulted with a team, and it seems that there is nothing we could do to separate the axes, as for they are already separated for XInput for both virtual controllers we have — Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Still, if the game uses DirectInput (which is pretty possible for old games), then you will get the shared axis. The game itself decides how to read triggers.

              You may check one the gamepad tester from the store or this website — and you will see that when you press both triggers, two axes are detected.

              The idea to "mute" the trigger when the second one is pressed still may help, so I would be happy to let you know once we are ready to release it.


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                Thanks to all for the replies.