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How to properly incorporate a mouse that can be used wired or wirelessly

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  • How to properly incorporate a mouse that can be used wired or wirelessly

    Is there a proper way to handle the wired vs wireless situation? I have a hardware group that has my Azeron Cyborg and my mouse. My mouse has two entries in the group: one wired, one rx. Is that all I need to do to ensure a profile will work regardless of how I have my mouse connected?

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    You should have two identical [Mouse] sub-configs:
    1. Add a new [Mouse] sub-config via [+] icon that goes after [Mouse].
    2. Copy all mappings on every [Shift] layer from the first mouse sub-config to the second.


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      Is it correct that I have two devices in the hardware group for one mouse? I have the wired mouse as one device and the wireless receiver as the second. That seemed like what needed to happen, but the device names were pretty cryptic. For all I know, one of them isn't even a mouse. They did both say Logitech something though, and one had "rx" in the name (I've since renamed them).

      Is there some way to copy everything from one Mouse sub-config to another? Or is that a manual process of recreating each mapping one by one? I don't see any way to copy an entire sub-config nor even a single mapping. And is there some way to distinguish between the two mouse sub-configs? And/or to test it?

      It seems to be working okay without the second sub-config. I have to un-apply the profile, then re-apply and it seems to work. I just wasn't sure if there was a "correct" way to handle it.


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        It is not possible to copy mappings in a sub-config. You can copy the button mapping itself or the mappings in the Shift layer.

        You don't have to create a sub-config. Use the detection mode to find which device in reWASD reacts to mouse clicks, and use it in a group with Azeron. This should be enough for the mouse to work properly in the config.


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          Okay, thanks. I think I had it right, then. Just wanted to make sure.