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I lost all my config via a bug

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  • I lost all my config via a bug

    I encountered a big problem today, and my rewasd version is 6.2.1 (latest so far)
    I wanna create a new config, so I click the button + (Add a new config), then a empty config created.
    Then I clicked apply button, my other config became empty too. Even if I restart my computer it doesn't help
    I checked all the files, they became less than 1kb.

    I didn't find any backup.
    Is there a backup to restore?
    Please help me

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    Unfortunately, there are no automatic backups. If you want to create them manually, please go to Preferences ( at the bottom right) -> My data tab. There, you will be able to get access to the folder with the configs, to copy or change it. Please check if you have any files in the folder with the emptied config. If yes, send them to us please.


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      I have deleted the empty files and rewrited them. The deleted config file was created in an old version of reWASD 1 years ago, I don't know if it is related to this bug.
      step is : Add a new config -> config the xbox button to B-> save -> All configuration files are cleared

      I strongly recommend adding a configuration file backup system. When deleted a config file, please put it in the recycle bin.
      By the way, please add a 【undo】button, the current macro editing does not even have Ctrl+Z

      Now all operations are permanent and irreversible, and the experience is extremely poor.
      Thank you.


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        If you get this bug again, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will try to reproduce it from our side as well. Thank you for the feedback.

        Both automated backup system and Undo functionality are in our plans, but no ETA at the moment.


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          Good news, I can 100% reproduce the bug.

          Please Download this, add the whole folder to reWASD.

          BUG1 :
          add a new config, save it, and the other file in this folder will be cleared.

          In the confg file called BUG.rewasd, 5 buttons set to 2 (L click, X, Y, A, B), I can type 2 with these 5 buttons in main configuration
          But when I switch to shift2(use Right key), It never types 2 any more.

          Hope you can reproduce the bug there, good luck


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            Thank you for the info, but unfortunately, I could not reproduce the issue with the emptied config even using your folder of configs. It seems to be large, but nothing suspicious. Would be great if you could record a video of what happens — maybe I am doing something wrong.

            As for the second issue — with "2" mapping in Shift mode. In your Shift 2 Layer, there are new mappings set to X, Y, A, B. It happens because you have used those buttons in Shortcuts. In this case, as the button behavior changed, you won't get them inherited. You may need to set such mapping manually.

            Although, your Left Click button is not used anyhow on the layer 2, and so it should be working properly. I confirm that we have some issue here, and we will try to fix it in the next release. Thanks for the report!


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              OK, If you clear all the X, Y, A, B 's config in Shift2 Layer(only Shortcuts, key config is empty, also affect?), its the same issue like Left Click button.

              Here is the video --> lost
              It keeps crashing on me, I manually back it up every time, please fix it asap.


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                Hello! Please try copying the mappings of these five buttons and paste them into Shift 2. This should help with Bug 2.


                • the1234321
                  the1234321 commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Thanks, this solution works

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                We have managed to reproduce the issue with emptied config, thanks a lot for the information.

                It seems that it happens because the config was created in the old reWASD version. If it is OK for you to make the same config from scratch, it should help temporary.
                We will try to fix it in the next version.


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                  Hello! The issue is fixed in reWASD 6.3. Please check more details in this post — and hope you will like it!