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XBox Elite 2 - buttons and paddles lose function with some profiles

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  • XBox Elite 2 - buttons and paddles lose function with some profiles

    Within the last year or so I have noticed that some buttons on my Xbox 2 Elite--especially the paddles--will cease to function within a profile while remaining functional in other profiles.

    A current example is with Dying Light 2. I found that the 'right stick click' function has stopped working on a few occasions. In another recent example, the 'B' button stopped working while playing Immortality. However, if I switch to a different profile via the 'profile switcher' button on the controller, the buttons immediately begin to work.

    Somehow I was able to resolve the 'right stick click' failure and in Dying Light 2 and got it working in my profile. But I still cannot get my paddles to emulate the 'right stick click' function. I did have this working at one point, at least temporarily, so this kind of underscores the fluid nature of this functionality working/failing.

    Things I have tried:
    • Double-checking all paddles are unmapped in XBox Accessories app
    • Muting paddles
    • Assigning right stick click via native button press
    • Assigning right stick click via 'rewasd' button press
    • Disabling 'hook controller buttons' in settings
    • Setting Dying Light 2 Steam settings to 'XBox forced off'
    • Changing the controller type in ReWASD to 'XBox One'
    ReWASD has been fantastic for the past few years, but it seems like this is becoming more and more of a problem with different games (I am also having issues mapping paddles in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands via Epic Games). So if I cannot resolve it I will need to look for other solutions.

    Any ideas?

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    Hey there!
    Could you specify your controller's firmware version in Xbox Accessories?

    Also, did I understand correctly that mappings on paddles do not work anywhere at all?​


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      Hi 1ncorrect. Just after posting this, I actually went into the XBox Accessories app and saw that there was an update available so I applied it...and now the paddle mappings don't work at all with ReWASD. Though it looks like others have had issues with this update.

      It's worth noting that the behavior is inconsistent even if I close ReWASD and force stop the backing service. That is, even configuring profiles in the XBox accessories app I find that the paddles don't work sometimes.

      So I'm guessing I need to revert my controller's firmware just to get back to where I started?



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        Oops, forgot to answer your questions directly:
        • Prior to updating my firmware the behavior of paddles and other buttons on the controller was inconsistent from one ReWASD profile to another. For example, 'right stick click' would work on one profile but not another. That being said, I'm now seeing somewhat similar behavior without ReWASD running (i.e. - just XBox accessories profiles).
        • After updating, my current firmware version per Xbox Accessories is 5.13.3143.0.


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          The latest beta firmware (5.13) makes it impossible for us to detect paddles as independent buttons. The only solution we know of is to roll back the firmware to the stable (4.8) version, which can be done via console. Check this blog post for details and solution.

          Once the firmware is downgraded, make sure the paddles are unmapped in Xbox Accessories again.

          Also, based on what you described, the problem can be both in the Xbox Accessories and in the physical condition of the paddles.
          Therefore, if rolling back the firmware does not solve the problem, try testing it with another Elite 2 (if possible)​.​


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            OK, so I reverted the firmware and I believe I was able to diagnose the problem using the XBox Accessories app. Looks like the lower right paddle is "stuck" and continuously sends input for the button to which it is mapped. This explains some of the weird behavior I was seeing, such as getting a single press of the desired paddle mapping when switching ReWASD profiles, and then nothing for that paddle.

            Frustrating to pay Microsoft $79 to get such an expensive (out of warranty) controller repaired, but I guess it's cheaper than getting a new one.

            In any case, I will see how things go with ReWASD once I get the controller back and go from there.

            Thanks for your help!


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              I hope that after fixing the controller, the issue will not appear again.
              Always happy to help!​


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                need help with xbox elite v2 strange behavior , not playable atm almost the same as 1ncorrect is experiencing
                something is changing it to slot 2, but slot shortcuts are turned off
                besides randomly non responsive and does random keypresses or if i tap a button it will hold it down for like 5 secs (edited)
                and when i use my xbox one controller no issues


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                  This is so weird behavior. Could I ask you to make a short video to see ho it is going on?

                  Thank you in advance!