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rewasd Won't detect my mouse and keyboard set up

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  • rewasd Won't detect my mouse and keyboard set up

    I just bought this program and I'm trying to use it with remote play. It works fine with the regular mouse and keyboard but I have a handicap where I have to use glovepie speech commands and a smartnav mouse for my inputs. This program doesn't detect either though. You would figure this program would detect the gloves pie emulated inputs as just being the regular keyboard like any other program as well as the mouse but it doesn't.Is there a way to get around this?

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    I see this question was already answered by our support team, so I'll just give a quote:

    reWASD is based on the concept of remapping devices (physical or virtual), which allows us to remap multiple devices of the same type (like two keyboards or mice) differently.
    If glovepie and smartnav software does not use a virtual mouse or keyboard device to move the mouse pointer or input keyboard commands, then reWASD won't be able to remap them.

    We have plans to make reWASD listen for inputs generated without a device in the future, but there is no ETA for it at the moment.
    But I suppose there might be a way around it - you would need to use an app that can remap deviceless inputs to an actual device like a virtual mouse, keyboard, or controller, which reWASD would be able to remap.


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      Thank you for the reply. I was looking for a program that might work as a virtual mouse or keyboard to do what you're saying but I haven't had any luck so far.They have plenty of programs to make a game controller do keypresses but not many in the reverse. This program does exactly what I want but without it picking up on my equipment I won't be able to use it. I responded to the support team about a refund if it's possible. If this program picks up on the other inputs in the future I would be happy to buy it again but for now it's unusable for my situation


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        Sorry for digging up an older thread, but I'm also on the hunt for some answers to a similar issue. It's frustrating when programs don't recognize our specific setups, especially when we have unique input requirements like your glovepie speech commands and smartnav mouse. I recently came across an IR keyboard while browsing online, and it got me thinking. Maybe it could be a workaround for your situation? It uses infrared technology to register keystrokes, so it might bypass the detection problem you're facing. Just a thought!
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