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So many "Slots" -- Why is this so confusing?

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  • So many "Slots" -- Why is this so confusing?

    When it comes to Slots, the UI / UX of the app is really confusing.

    Are these the same? Different? I don't even know which one to use, or what effects what when inside the settings menu, where it also references slots

    Can someone clarify this?

    Click image for larger version

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    Is there a good video that goes over the hundreds of options/settings/buttons in the app?

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    The one at the top left corner selects a slot to apply the config to when enabling the [Autodetect] feature or clicking the [Apply] button.

    The ones at the top are [Shifts].

    The ones at the bottom are [Slots]. Clicking on those would manually change the current slot. Clicking [X] would remove an association with a config, that would be used when the [Remap is OFF] button is clicked.

    Our Online Guide explains all functions and features of reWASD. The video there also explains the interface.