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Possible to detect cursor visibility?

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  • Possible to detect cursor visibility?

    Hi, I've been playing Guild Wars 2 with a controller for years using Steam input mapping. The system is dated, leading to a few issues, so I'm looking at recreating my profile using ReWASD if possible.

    GW2 has the ability to toggle between m+kb, or by using action cam, in which case the cursor is hidden. This mode can be toggled, but other functions may also re-introduce the cursor, such as by accessing the inventory.

    With Steam, you can create different action sets which, as far as I can tell (apologies, I'm still finding my feet with ReWASD) are like Layers in ReWASD. This plays really nicely with the action-cam/cursor switching described above, as I can have a config that is primarily action focused, and another that is geared more towards micro-management.

    Also in Steam is the ability to detect when the cursor is visible to determine what action set should be used. You can see these settings in this screenshot:

    Having taken a look around ReWASD, I can't see a way to achieve something similar, whether to activate a different layer depending on whether the cursor is visible, or even to decide on a key-by-key basis what to do, depending on the state of cursor visibility.

    Is there something I've missed that will help me to achieve this, or is this simply something that cannot be achieved with ReWASD?​

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    Currently, Shift layers can be changed with input from digital keys/buttons only.

    ​reWASD can't detect whether the cursor is visible or not, as in most cases it would require direct access to the game`s process or data, which is not appreciated by anti-cheat programs.