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ReWASD vs Ghub, how well can ReWASD replace it?

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  • ReWASD vs Ghub, how well can ReWASD replace it?


    I really don't like the software Logitech uses for its mice (like many other people). It performs well, but it's severely lacking in terms of customization and usability. So i'm wondering if i couldn't use Rewasd for absolutely everything and use it to centralize all devices. I already use it for controllers and some other things, but i could push it further and ditch Ghub all together.

    I would like to know how well rewasd manage mice compared to Ghub. I'm mostly talking about compatibility and performance. Is it as responsive as with Ghub? No lagging whatsoever? Like there won't be even 1ms delay difference (assuming i use a simple press down button)? I've read somewhere Ghub use a virtual mouse and you use the physical mouse while it's in onboard mode or something like that. Does that change anything concretely in the results? If i can have EXACTLY the same performance and there hasn't been ANY issues reported with mice (in my case a G502) and if Rewasd is objectively a strict upgrade from Ghub (in terms of usability). Then i'll probably switch.

    Also, please really tell me if there is the slightest performance difference, that won't prevent me from using Rewasd, as i said, i already use it for controllers, and i'm really happy with it. So it's ok if Ghub is still better in the end.

    Thank you.​
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    reWASD specializes more in remapping, emulating the virtual controller, and adjusting the physical controller. I am not sure that reWASD can replace Ghub.

    reWASD doesn't have such deep functionality for adjusting a mouse exactly.

    Please let me know what you want to achieve with reWASD in more detail. Probably, we can give any tips.


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      Well, i simply want to remap buttons of the mouse and use macros on it along with the G-shift functionality but with Rewasd instead of Ghub, and use it inmy day to day use, but also gaming (which change the remapping and sometimes the cursor speed).

      I know that's possible on paper :

      - I can recreate my Ghub macros on reWASD, and the G-shift functionality is nothing less than the shift functionality on reWASD, so that's should be dealt with. Even better, i could add macros i can't add with Ghub (like long press and double press buttons macros for example, which could increase the number of possible remapping by quite a lot).

      - Like Ghub, rewasd can auto switch profile depending on games used, so i can also recreate macros for any games i use.

      - As for cursor speed, if rewasd can't change dpi, i can simply change cursor speed and while always keeping the same default dpi, i don't mind (my dpi rarely change anyway, and when it does for a game, it's not by much).

      - I don't care about rgb functionalities from Ghub, even if rewasd doesn't know how to manage it. Never used them.

      I don't know what else you'd consider as "deep functionality" Ghub provides. I don't know what it does that rewasd couldn't do at this point (unless we talk performance, which is the question of my thread). It just does remapping of the mouse, and cursor speed, and change remapping/speed depending on program. Which rewasd entirely covers also. Unless i missed something about Ghub, I don't see anything deep there, except the rgb thingy but i would consider this the opposite of "deep".

      So the only question is, could i use a default "remapping" that would be the same as the one i use from Ghub for my day to day use, meaning windows stuff in general and pretty much any program that doesn't have a specific rewasd remapping made for them (i asked that question last year, you said it was on your to do list, even if there were workaround).

      And second question from this thread, would that remapping be as good as using Ghub? Meaning that pressing left click on the mouse, will be as responsive, as performant as clicking on the mouse using Ghub? No lagging, no weird incompatibility stuff. Meaning that your software, at least for mice and even maybe keyboards, could "theoretically" entirely replace Ghub in its functionality (and if you can't say this maybe for legal reason, you could imply it).


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        If we are talking exclusively about mouse button remapping, then of course everything that you described and even more is available in reWASD.

        Keyboard or mouse mappings that you assign in reWASD are virtual inputs, just like G-Hub mappings.

        Unfortunately, I don't have a Logitech mouse handy to test the difference in responsiveness, but I think you can measure the responsiveness of virtual mouse mappings in reWASD and compare it to the responsiveness of G-hub mappings.
        There should be no significant difference to the human eye.

        Now, a little about the current cons and pros of reWASD:

        The absolute advantage of reWASD is the range of possible mappings that can be created. You can assign combos, use turbo or toggle, map several different mappings to one button using Activators, etc.

        But you can’t fully turn a regular mouse into a virtual one, and due to this, it’s not possible to change DPI on the fly.

        Also, it is not yet possible to add mouse movements to combos, but we are working on it and will definitely implement it.

        And probably the main "bottleneck" of reWASD at the moment is that without interacting with the native software for the mouse, it is impossible to remap additional mouse buttons.
        reWASD detects all mice the same, so this workaround is used to remap additional buttons.​


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          Alright, thank you for your answer. It's unfortunate we can't remap additional mouse buttons. The fact that we have to use other keyboard buttons and then reassign the macro we want instead, wouldn't that make the macros a bit less responsive? I'm no expert but if we push the image to the extreme, let's say i have a button that is assigned to a chain of 20 buttons that all call for the next one until the macro needed, wouldn't that create a delay compared to simply pressing the button with the macro directly or doesn't that change anything?

          And if the response is yes, it may create a slight delay, would you plan one day on detecting additional buttons so it can directly assign macros or it's just something that is impossible for a third party software to ever do? Meaning being able to detect the model of the mouse/device really.

          Now, if that delay, compared to using Ghub macro directly, is around 1ms, it's probably nothing to worry about. If it's more around 10ms, it may be an issue. And if you tell me, there shouldn't be any delay, then it's all good.
          I just need to find keyboard buttons i don't use in my day to day routine, up to 6 on g502, which can be challenging. I might try F13-24 (using shift F1-F12 if i'm not mistaken). If that works, then it's perfect and i could ditch Ghub all together.


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            I didn’t quite understand your use case about 20 buttons and on what example it can be applied.
            However, I will answer in general about the delay:

            reWASD does not introduce additional latency when emulating virtual input. In any case, this delay is clearly less than 10 ms.
            We simply didn't test it (since there were no complaints about input delays when interacting with G-hub).
            Therefore, as trite as it may sound, you should personally check it out.

            Regarding the direct detection of additional mouse keys:
            This is a good enough, but difficult to implement suggestion. We will need cooperation with the mouse manufacturer and there is no guarantee that this will be implemented.
            Therefore, I will not promise you in vain, but we will definitely take it into account, since the offer is really cool. Thank you!​


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              My image was just to compare assigning directly a button to a macro, like in Ghub (ex : M3 -> macro) vs assigning indirectly a button to another button to a macro, like in rewasd workaround (ex : M3 -> F13 -> macro). There is one more step in rewasd workaround compared to Ghub, since Ghub has directly access to the additional M3 button of their mouse to assign whatever macro needed. I don't know if that changes anything in terms of delay, at least on paper, that's why i was asking. Just making sure "in theory", it supposed to be the same reactivity. Even though you're right to tell me to check it myself no matter what.

              As always, i'm probably worrying too much over an issue that isn't one, but i had to ask. Thank you for your answers.


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                And thank you for your thoughts!
                As many people know, we are always happy to receive suggestions from our users, because without you, we would not have come this far.

                Thanks again!