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    So ive recently made a button combo for the left trigger. This combo is meant to combine aim down sight (LT) with hold breath (Left Stick Click) and its set to hold until release - But im running into an issue im not entirely sure how to fix or if it can be fixed. When holding breath in Modern Warfare 2, theres a certain time window on how long you can hold it. If held to long it breaks the hold breath animation and it needs few seconds to be reset. Now the combo does work, but if I hold breath for to long and break the animation, wait for the cool down to reset and go to aim down sight again, the button combo doesnt work anymore. The only way the combo resets is if I die and respawn. Basically the only way for the combo to keep working when I ADS is to make sure I don't break the hold breath animation. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

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    First, we have to confirm whenever the combo doesn't work, because it actually does not, or because the game intentionally ignores its inputs because "overholding the breath while aiming" is allowed only once per life in the game.

    To do that, you would have to test the inputs that would simulate the "overholding" at Gamepad Tester and then try to press the trigger again to see if it would send LT and L3 as it should. If it would, then it is the game.

    You could use a different Combo instead, that would hold the L3 for a certain amount of time: [LT down] [L3 down] [Pause Xms] [L3 up] [Pause 60000] [LT up], and set the [Turbo] flag for the mapping. Xms here would be the time in milliseconds that would be a bit smaller than the time window.


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      Supongo que el combo tendría que ser dejar pulsado el mismo tiempo que tarda el juego en dejar de aguantar la respiración, yo también juego MW2 yo uso ese combo pero pocas veces llevo un sniper