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Gyro drift or alignment issue

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  • Gyro drift or alignment issue

    I've searched gyro drift, but my controller ps5 is brand new.

    If it's not drift, then I'll try to describe the issue.
    In Valorant in the shooting range I use the Gyro to Aim, If I hold the controller with centered crosshair and just move the controller left and right without touching any stick and place the controller back on the desk exactly as before, the crosshair has now moved lower, after 10 180degree moves you end up looking at the floor.

    And moving the controller up and down 45 degrees and putting it back on the desk the Crosshair has drifted right.

    Is this common with PS5 controllers(Hardware issue) or is this a config issue(reWASD)?

    I've attached my current config.

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    I would appreciate it if you could record a short video with this drift. I will try to reproduce a behavior on my side as well.

    Thank you in advance!


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      It's not only in Valorant as shown in the video.

      Sorry can't make the video small enough, PHP exceeded Post size. 20mb


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        You can always upload the video on YouTube and share the link here


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          Ok upon further research it would seem this is the real issue, Not remembering it's forward direction. IMU works only on the Playstation, not PC.
          We talked earlier this week about the impressive haptics and IMU in the PS5 DualSense controller, and now we can show you what it looks like in action. While the PS5 DualSense controller doesn’t currently allow for position (6DOF) tracking, its rotational (3DOF) tracking is very impressive thanks, apparently, to a stellar IMU inside. We broke down …

          I also set up the controller in steam without reWASD on, and the same issue persists.

          So I'm not sure reWASD could fix it, even if they wanted to. PS5 uses it's camera, PS3,4 used a Magnometer or something.

          A simple test, line your cursor to screen center, use the gyro to take the cursor past the edge of the screen, then back to the center, you'll see it no longer lines up.

          In valorant you need to use your right stick to keep correcting.


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            Remapping a gyro to mouse in gyro mode would convert the turning speed into the mouse pointer speed with no relation to the starting or current position of the pointer. This means that even if you do the same motion, at different speeds you will get different results.

            To do what you imply, reWASD would have to use an entirely different principle. And I don't think we'll implement this change before the mouse pointer positioning in [Combo] first.


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              Do you know of any ways to quickly center the mouse pointer? That could be added to a hot-key for example.
              Gyro aiming is crucial not only to gamers coming from console, but like myself who have wrist injuries from excessive mouse playing.
              I do appreciate your looking into this matter though, even if no solution was found, thanks.


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                At the moment we do not have any solution for moving the mouse cursor to the center of the screen. We will let you know as soon as this is added.


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                  The concept of mouse position (cursor coordinates) exists on desktop only. Game itself may not use it all or ignore and maintain own position instead, so this depends totally on game and centering it on screen may require direct integration with game code, unless some hotkey inside exists for this purpose in game.


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                    Ok Thanks for your help.