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Valorant config on steam deck issues with leftouse button emulation

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  • Valorant config on steam deck issues with leftouse button emulation

    Hi i recently downloaded valorant on my steam deck after dual booting with windows, after i was able to get the most popular valorant game pad config from Bavarnold.

    Everything was working okay until i noticed that there would be a delay between moving and being able to start shooting. I want to know if there is a way to have the shooting, which is bound to the right bumper on steam deck, to input at the same time as the movement input from the analog stick. Or at the very least shorten the delay input between both those functions. Thanks

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    Not sure I understand your issue.

    There should be no delays unless that button also uses Hold, Double, or Triple press [activators] or is used in a [Shortcut].

    Please upload the config file you are using via the [Upload Attachments] button. Right-click on the config name and select [Open file location] to find the file.


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      Valorant - Bavarnold.rewasd

      Sorry for the late reply my account was having issues, but attached is the rewasd config and a link to a video that showcases the issue.

      When moving with the left analog stick and trying to fire with the right bumper during or directly after, the input for shooting does not go through until like two seconds after I stop moving. I am not sure what is causing this problem.

      Another issue I am facing is the trackpad controls for mouse movement inputs. How can I stop the trackpad from continuing to move when near the edge of the trackpad surface?



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        The config seems fine, but we have no information on the issue you are having.

        If the Steam Deck has its own virtual mouse and keyboard, you should try selecting them in [Preferences > Input devices] and then reapplying the config.
        Otherwise, I'd suggest testing the config with the ViewKeyCode app while having the Gamepad Tester open in the background (the config does not mute the controller buttons, so you should see the inputs from it there).
        • If Gamepad Tester and ViewKeyCode would catch controller and keyboard/mouse inputs, then the issue is with the game.
        • If Gamepad Tester and ViewKeyCode would not react to the trigger while you use the left stick, then the controller would be the culprit.
        • If Gamepad Tester would detect all controller inputs while ViewKeyCode would not register the corresponding keyboard/mouse inputs, then there is something wrong with reWASD.
        Though as far as I know, we are yet to confirm that the reWASD can work with Steam Deck properly.


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          I've never encountered such an issue and I'm not sure I can propose a sure technical solution.
          But I would recommend checking out, they have a wide range of resources and tutorials that can help you with configuring your steam deck for Valorant. They might have some solutions that could help you shorten the delay between movement and shooting, or even have the shooting input at the same time as the movement input. It's always a good idea to experiment with different configurations and settings to find the one that works best for you.
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