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  • ReWASD/Controller 'Repeat Delay'

    Hi I really like this software and have been able to achieve everything I wanted except for one thing;
    I have the 'Repeat Delay' setting on my keyboard set to the shortest, allowing keys to begin repeating faster while held down
    In the game I'm playing this comes in handy
    However with my controller using ReWASD I haven't been able to find any way to decrease the 'Repeat Delay' wait time
    In my case setting a turbo won't work, as the key I'm pressing needs to be just 'Held down' and begin repeating faster to achieve what I can using the keyboard
    I've tried a couple different things;
    Setting the 'Press Times' to their minimums, this had no effect
    Tried setting up a combo that just 'hold down' the button, this also did not solve the problem

    Turbo seemed like a fix but acts differently than just holding a key down and letting it naturally repeat; turbo seems to actually be repeatedly pressing the key instead so is not a solution for me

    Thanks for any advice


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    The option you are looking for is available at [Virtual input device settings] - Virtual keyboard repeat rate.


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      Originally Posted by Shion View Post

      The option you are looking for is available at [Virtual input device settings] - Virtual keyboard repeat rate.
      Hi, not quite, when they key repeat begins the speed is fine
      What I'm asking about is the small Delay when the key is pressed until it begins to repeat

      I'm playing a 2D side scrolling game (maplestory) and to enter portals you must press OR be holding the Up arrow key
      When I press Up as I'm nearing the portal that initial press will work, but the subsequent delay before the Up press begins to repeat is effectively a dead zone where I will not enter the portal
      On the keyboard I can shorten this dead zone by adjusting the 'Repeat Delay' setting to it's shortest possible time
      However I have been unable to shorten this dead zone with ReWASD

      Thank you


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        I assume that you need the [Up key pressed] event to start repeating right away, but reWASD does not have a function that can affect this initial pause.
        The closest function would be the [Turbo] but it will release the button before pressing it again, so I assume it can't be a solution for your case.

        I suggest changing the related keyboard setting in Windows:

        Click image for larger version

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          This setting in Windows has no effect for repeat in macros and it is meant for hardware keyboards only. Sorry for confusion. Initial delay for macro before repeat is currently not exposed - we'll notice your suggestion. Thank you!


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            Thank you guys for your responses, it's not a huge problem but is the only thing I have to actively work around while playing, good luck, great product