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MW2 Gyro dualsense on PC working but poor

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  • MW2 Gyro dualsense on PC working but poor

    I got the gyro to work on MW2 with dualsense controller by emulating the DS as a dualshock 4.

    Using the gyro when wired works surprisingly well. However I would rather play wirelessly.

    Unfortunately when wireless, while the gyro does work, it is not smooth and is somewhat jerky.

    Is this just something to do with gyro emulation and bluetooth polling rate, or is it a problem with rewasd, or both?

    Weirdly I can get the dualsense to work with the PC on mw2 directly when wired without rewasd, but when wireless it doesn't work, so I cant test lag.


    edit: actually scratch that. I did get it working directly without rewasd wirelessly, and the gyro is still crap. Must be something to do with how the controller handles gyro over bluetooth to PC. Dammit.
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    Hey! any video you using this?


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      Maybe you need try different bluetooth dongle on your PC. In our tests gyro on bluetooth was fine.