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    Hi, i am trying to use REWASD with Dolphin emulator. I want to start a virtual controller with REWASD and i want this virtual controller to be recognized with Dolphin. The problem is that when i set the profile with Dolphin.exe as autodetect app, the profile turn on fine but Dolphin don't recognized the virtual controller.

    When i turn on the REWASD profile manually before starting Dolphin, the virtual controller is recognized and everything is ok.

    The problem is that REWASD wait for Dolphin to load before turning the profile ON and Dolphin needs the profile to be turned on first.

    Is there a way to manage this? Can we toggle a profile ON/OFF with a shortcut key?

    Thank you.

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    Using reWASD and Dolphin at the same time is complicated, so I cannot guarantee that everything will work as expected. However, there is a way to toggle a remap with a shortcut. If you have Slot feature, all you need to do is to create a Slot with your config and a second empty Slot. This way, you can turn the remap on and off by switching between them. You can read more about this here.
    You can set up a shortcut to activate the slot in Preferences.‚Äč