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Non-Physical device for PS Remote Play?

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  • Non-Physical device for PS Remote Play?

    Is there a workaround for having the emulated PS4 controller work on Remote Play without having the controller wired to the PC?
    I don't use a regular controller, I use the DroidJoy android app so it's impossible for me to wire to my PC.

    I've been managing to use an older version of the RP app to play on my PS5 but I'm afraid it's a matter of time before it stops working.

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    Hey there!

    You can use PS Remote Play with your mouse and keyboard.

    However, if you want to use your phone as a controller, you will need the Mobile Controller feature.
    You can learn more about it in this article.


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      I'm already using my phone as a controller. The problem is that it's not wired so I can't use the physical Remote Play option. And my PC is a Surface Pro so I don't have a proper mouse & keyboard


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        You don't need to physically connect your phone to the device on which reWASD is installed and use the DroidJoy app; you can connect it wirelessly using the reWASD Junior app.

        Also, Sony, at some point, has banned all virtual controllers. So our devs found this workaround with the emulation of DS4 through a physical USB 2.0 hub.

        Therefore, you need an external USB 2.0 hub connected to your device with reWASD installed to play via Remote Play.‚Äč