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Technical key combo - Arkham series

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  • Technical key combo - Arkham series

    So, I am new to using rewasd but love everything about it!

    My question is how do I make a key combo on the Batman Arkham series like dodge; X+X and direction using a standard keyboard and mouse? I've tried a few things but to no avail.

    Hopefully somebody can help?

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    Hey there!

    If you want to add mouse movements to a combo, this is unfortunately not possible.
    If we misunderstood you, please describe the combo you want to make in more detail.​


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      Super appreciative for the reply!

      So the key combo I'm looking to have is X+X and left joystick but I'm wanting to designate that combo to a specific key or 2?

      Hopefully that makes sense?


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        Yes, this combo should work correctly.

        In that case, what is it that doesn't work for you?
        Send us a screenshot of how this combo looks like for you and a screenshot of the full reWASD window with your mappings.


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          So this is what it looks like but I am hoping to have the button configuration X+X left stick assign to one key using hold until release? I mean if that's possible?

          Attached Files


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            Yes, this combo should work without any problems.

            If this does not work for you, then your devices are incorrectly initialized or grouped. Please reinitialize and group your devices properly.
            Your keyboard with which you will press the remapped key should be in the device group.​

            If you are using reWASD for the first time, we suggest starting with this article.
            Use Detection mode to find the correct device.

            Also, you can get familiar with all interface elements from this article.


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              Yeah, I've never had any problems with any of the elements of rewasd. It's just this particular key combo. As in it won't work at all especially as it's using the same key.


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                Answered in private messages.