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Logitech G502 wireless and COD Warzone 2

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  • Logitech G502 wireless and COD Warzone 2


    I'm trying to use my mouse as a controller in my game but it doesn't recognize it. It seems to work well in the Game controller test in windows but when in game, it doesn't work

    I tried to re-initialize a couple of time, coupled it with my keyboard or alone. With or without on-board memory on, with G-Hub on or off, use PS4, Xbox 360 and xbox one virtual controller. I even tried config from guys here. Nothing work.

    I even tried to map only right stick on my mouse and the game didn't recognize it.

    Do I miss something?

    And just another question. In my game, you can only use the right stick of the emulated controller and continue to use keyboard keys to control the rest of the actions of the character. Is it possible to do it with rewasd?

    Thanks for your help guys!

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    Hey there!

    Could you please clarify if you are trying to use a keyboard and mouse remapped to a controller in a PC game or connecting to a PS?

    If you are using our virtual controller to play on a PC, then you need to ensure that the Mute feature is applied to all your maps to avoid double input in the game that prevents the virtual controller from working correctly.​

    You can learn more about Mute feature in this article.


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      Yes I'm trying to use KB/M as a controller in a PC game.

      I tried my old Logitech G402 wired and it worked right away


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        Please confirm that you grouped both your devices in the common group. Send us a screenshot of it