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Does shift layer allow me to insert different commands?

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  • Does shift layer allow me to insert different commands?


    I am playing gamer with a disability where I am playing PS5 through my computer.

    I have very limited movement so egg keyboard works much better than a controller, I'm wondering if the shift layer will enable me to insert different commands while I'm playing as I'm finding I am going back and forth to my computer to re-adjust key inputs.

    Hopefully someone can help?

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    Please describe what you wanted to achieve in more detail. I mean how should it look finally


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      Well, I have all my commands setup so that my keys mimic that of the controller. However, it is a very small keyboard with a limited amount of keys. I thought that the main layer was for my normal setup and I was wondering if shift mode would allow me to have a different input using the same key? So for instance the E key is a combo of left stick up, r2 and X. In the shift layout could I make that key left stick up and X by itself?

      Just wondering.


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        You completely described how Shift Layers work.

        All you need to do is to add a required mapping to certain Layers and adjust the key which will be responsible for switching between Layers
        You can check the guide here.