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Is a esp32 absolutely necessary?

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  • Is a esp32 absolutely necessary?

    Hey guys,

    So I am currently playing my PlayStation with keyboard and mouse. I am now wanting to play starfield on my Xbox using the same keyboard and mouse but I'm being told that an esp32 adaptor is necessary to play.

    If so, why am I able to play my PlayStation without it or is this just an Xbox thing?


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    If you are going to use the Remote Play app on your PC to connect to the Xbox console, an adapter is not necessary. Using the [xCloud] profile should suffice.

    If you want to remap directly to Xbox One/S/X, the GIMX or ESP32-S2 adapter would be necessary.


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      So I can see that I'm using the xcloud.

      Unfortunately my Xbox is not recognising my mouse and keyboard?


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        Please clarify
        Have you tried to connect to the Xbox console directly using an external device feature or use Xcloud?

        If you use Xclode service, you don't need to have ESP 32. All you need to do is to ensure that you created a virtual Xbox One Controller and the system sees them as well.