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reWASD Junior iOS - Missing features

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  • reWASD Junior iOS - Missing features

    Hi there,

    I've bought all the other features before the Mobile Controller function was out, and recently decided to trial for it in order to use it as a mobile trackpad.

    As showcased in the online reWASD manuals, the 'magnetic grid' for moving and resizing buttons and the 'control pad' were seemingly not available for me, using iOS.

    Additionally, I cannot find a way to delete the virtual gamepads after creating them, so now I'm stuck with multiple dummy controllers in the App and on the reWASD PC client. (screenshot)

    I am hopeful that these features will be implemented in the near future. Apart from that, it functions exceptionally well!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	photo_2023-10-19_17-40-34.jpg
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    Big thank you to the reWASD team for their exceptional product and dedication.

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    1. Could you specify your iOS and application version?
    2. In order to delete the virtual gamepad, you need to hold your finger on the name of the device and press “remove” from the dropdown list.

    Also, could you specify - Does the MnK controller type is available for you?


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      Thank you for your replies! Running iOS 16.1.1, reWASD Junior Application version: 2.7.1 (179)

      I've tested MnK during my trial which worked well. The manual mentions..
      press the + sign. This menu also has three Align Modes: Magnet, Grid, None​
      Which are seemingly absent (screenshot #1). I'd love to use those features to have a symmetrical layout, all buttons being the same size etc. Prior to creating a new virtual device, 'control pad' is missing as well (#2).

      In good news, the hold removal worked great! Sorry, I didn't know you have to do it that way, I assumed you'd slide it to the right to delete it, like in the iOS Mail app..

      Greatly appreciate your help.
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        There are some differences in reWASD Junior versions for IOS and Android. So, there is no workaround to use Align modes and Control Pad on IOS at this moment