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Missing Shortcuts Upon Switching Input Device (different keyboard)

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  • Missing Shortcuts Upon Switching Input Device (different keyboard)

    Hello, I've been using reWASD for 5 years, and I have changed keyboards several times. Six months ago, I switched from a Logitech keyboard to another brand, and upon doing so, my shortcuts list in my profile is now empty, and I do not have the keyboard I used when I created the list of shortcuts. Oddly, all of the shortcuts are still functional, but I can't see nor edit them in reWASD. How do I fix this so I can edit my shortcuts again?


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    This is a known issue. We are already working on it.


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      Hey there, I have always hailed reWASD's responsive to its customers in relation to suggestions gamers have, prompt technical support and in my experience, how detailed your helpful replies as a positive rarity in relation to how software industry companies typically handle customer support. That said, I am aware this has been brought up before, but based on the assumption you have recreated/replicated the occurance of this problem in an effort to engineer a version of reWASD without this issue, I assume you have learned a bit about the cause, and, perhaps, might have determined a workaround that would allow a user to, at the very least, view their list of shortcuts. Ideally, a fix would be integrated into your software, but until that happens, can you please provide me with a workaround so I could at least view my shortcuts, even if it means not being able to edit them. I use reWASD for gaming and work, so being able to verify my work macros (shortcuts) is of fundamental importance to me. Your moderators have always been helpful and have handled my queries exceptionally well. So much so, that I was a tad surprised by your 2-sentence approach relative to this forum's helpful rhetoric and friendly vernacular. Can you provide a workaround that would cause my shortcuts to appear (even without being able to do editing)? As I said, I no longer have the keyboard I used when I created the shortcuts. Please give me an update. Thank you.


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        Hey there!

        As far as we know, this issue has been fixed in recent updates.

        Please make sure you are using the latest version of reWASD. You can download the latest version from our official website.

        If you use the latest version and have the same issue, then please send us a video that will show the app version and your issue.