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The right stick on the mouse does not work.

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  • The right stick on the mouse does not work.

    Hello everyone! Need a help.

    In order to avoid misunderstandings, I have purchased a license with «Advanced mapping»

    Let 's consider the problem using the example of the “ghost recon” game .

    I press the right and left keys on the mouse, which are responsible for the triggers of the gamepad, and also move to the sides, which also works out thanks to the "wooting" key with analog keys. But setting the mouse to rotate the right stick does not work in any way. This can be seen by the constantly changing prompts for switching from the gamepad to the keyboard.

    I searched the forum and the Internet, I didn't find a solution. I ask for help in setting up the right mouse stick. I don't understand what's going on.

    I attach screenshots of my settings

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Your screenshots do not show devices of your group, although it is visible that the keyboard is not included, since its sub-config is disabled.

    Your mouse, while remapped to a stick, does not have its mappings [Muted], which results in double inputs and might be the reason for your issue.

    Make sure to group up your keyboard, its gamepad (WASD keys), and your mouse.
    Mute all mappings of your config so only controller inputs are sent to the system.
    Set up the "mouse pointer unlocker" Shift layer according to the instructions here.


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      Thank you so much for your help . I will use the tips and give an answer