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Possible to hide physical controller without creating a virtual controller?

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  • Possible to hide physical controller without creating a virtual controller?

    Hello! I want to use a game controller as keyboard and mouse and have it be hidden from the system. And I don't want to create a virtual controller with this config. Is it possible to have the actual game controller hidden from the system in this case? Because the way I've set it up right now the controller still shows up in the control panel, even with the option set to hide.

    My situation is that have an ROG Ally that I also use to play with external controllers on the TV. In that case I don't want games to sometimes choose the built-in controller over the external controllers. So basically if I could just hide the controller that would also be nice. I know I could use Hid-hide for that, but if it's possible within reWASD that would make it all the better!

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    Could you send screenshots of the "General" and "Gamepads" tabs from the reWASD preferences?


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      Sure, thing. Thanks!

      I probably also have to mention that I have the external controllers set as virtual devices, and that's working. Because I've read on the forum somewhere that without any virtual devices you can't even set the option under gamepads.

      Click image for larger version

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      Click image for larger version

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        Hey there!

        Unfortunately, there is no way to hide your controller without creating a virtual one.
        You can use Mute to get rid of your controller's native input.

        You can learn more about Mute in this article.


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          I see. That's a shame. But thanks for the clarification!

          For the support team, is this something that can be considered for future updates? Basically it would mean that reWASD would also have the functionality of HidHide, which would eliminate the need for an extra program when setting up certain controller scenario's. Especially usefull when you have mulitple different types of controllers.

          And it looks like reWASD already has the technical capabilities for this under the hood.


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            Thank you for the suggestion.
            We will discuss this with the team and aim to incorporate this function in future updates.‚Äč


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              Any update on this matter? I would also like the same feature as described.


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                7.1 update might bring something related. Stay tuned to our social media for announcements.