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Can't turn off Home button LED light on Switch Pro controller when disguised as PS4

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  • Can't turn off Home button LED light on Switch Pro controller when disguised as PS4

    I am connecting a Switch Pro controller to my PC via bluetooth. It has 2 LEDs: 1 on the side between the handles which tells you which player number you are, and one colorful led around the Home button.

    I would like to turn off the LED around the Home button and keep on the LED on the side. This way the former is not distracting and the latter shows me if the controller is connected.

    With ReWASD 7.0, I am able to achieve this when my controller is disguised as an Xbox controller but not as PS4. When PS4, I can only turn off both or none.

    Help please?

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    Please send the screenshots of your LED settings for a virtual Xbox controller and for DualShock 4 as well.


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      Thanks, I found a working solution in the end.
      When disguised as PS4, to achieve what I want I have to first completely disable the LED in the Dualshock4 settings on ReWASD, then I have to apply the changes.
      At this point both LED lights turn off, but if I re-connect the controller then only the Home button LED light will be off.

      Still, I think the expected behavior with the setting below for Dualshock4 would be that the Home button LED would glow in "Shimmer" mode for a few seconds when the controller is first connected and then turn off. Instead, the Home button LED stays on all the time as if the light is in looping "Solid glow" mode.

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        As far as I understand, you have a physical Switch Pro controller. So, you should choose a Nintendo controller in Preferences and try to adjust that way as you wish.
        Click image for larger version

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          The Nintendo controller preferences seem to apply when the controller is used as a Switch Pro controller and even an Xbox controller, but not a PS4. When it is used as a PS4 controller instead (to have the Playstation button icons inside games) then the settings from Dualshock4 apply, but they do not all work as intended.


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            Am I correct in understanding that if you emulate a virtual DS4 on your physical Switch Pro, then in the LED settings you are setting the colors for the DualShock 4 and not the Nintendo Switch Pro?


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              Yes. The Nintendo settings do not apply to the Switch Pro controller when the virtual DS4 is emulated, and the Dualshock4 settings do not apply as expected (only the Led on/off setting seems to work).


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                I've tried to reproduce the LED issue when Dualshock4 virtual controller is emulated. All LED settings work as they should

                Please clarify how you connect your Switch Pro. In addition, I kindly ask you to record a short video where the issue will be captured.