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Question regarding 2nd pc for rewasd ESP32-S2

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  • Question regarding 2nd pc for rewasd ESP32-S2

    I'm curious after reading about remote desktop not allowing rewasd to apply a config. If I had my mouse and keyboard connected to the 2nd pc via usb switch, in order to setup the input devices for a ESP32 device, and then apply the config, would I need to do all of this locally with a monitor attached to 2nd pc, or could i set that up and run the config through a remote desktop session?

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    Hey there!

    Unfortunately, I don't quite understand how your question relates to reWASD.

    Whether you do it with a monitor or without is entirely up to your convenience.​


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      Well, i was trying to experiment with parsec and rewasd on a second computer, and when trying to apply a config via remote desktop, i would get an error that mapping is not available to remote users. Since i dont have a means of connecting a monitor to that pc, and that is going to be the way i setup my ESP32 device when it comes, i wanted to confirm if a remote desktop session was going to be an impasse? I am on a trial version also, so also not sure if its just a limitation of that version?


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        reWASD does not work in Remote Desktop sessions. Use TeamViewer or any other remote-controlling app that does not rely on Windows RPC sessions to start, configure, and control reWASD state remotely.

        If you only want to enable remapping on a remote PC, which is used to emulate an external controller for use on this PC, without connecting to it every time via TeamViewer, we suggest doing the following:
        • Have [Autostart the background agent] and [Restore remap state on startup​] options enabled and [Remove applied config from slot on exit from the associated app] option disabled at [Preferences > Tray agent].
        • Use [Slots]: apply a config to a specific slot and then change to it and back to an empty one with shortcuts to control the remapping state, so there would be no need to connect to the PC via remote sessions.
        • Or use [Autodetect]: adding [explorer.exe] and [searchui.exe] to the list of associated apps should ensure that remapping will be enabled once you press [LWin] or [LWin+D] keys on that remote PC.
        • Or apply the config manually once and use its [mouse pointer unlocker] key when you would need to use your keyboard and mouse normally on that PC.