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Potential issues with the latest update

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  • Potential issues with the latest update


    Before listing some issues I'm recently experiencing, let me first describe my setup: I have an Elitedesk 705 G4 mini PC running Retrobat with a TP-Link UB400 BT dongle connected to a USB 3.0 port. I have two Dualshock 4 controllers, a Mayflash Dolphinbar with two Wiimotes and a Bluetooth LE keyboard with touchpad.

    - First issue is happening ever since I started using Rewasd: when I connect or disconnect the Bluetooth LE keyboard, the pop-up message from Rewasd is always the same, mentioning that the "Bluetooth LE device xxxx has disconnected", even when I connect it. No major deal, but sounds like a bug.

    - The second issue is related to random disconnects of the Dualshock controllers. I may have a range issue with my BT dongle (I will try with a Asus USB-BT400 in a couple of days), maybe because of some interference or because it is connected to a USB 3.0 port (this mini PC doesn't have USB 2.0 ports). In previous versions of Rewasd, these random disconnects were also happening, but not that often. The controller light goes off, but I was able to turn it on again by pressing the "PS" button and resume playing.
    The problem with the latest update is that, not only these random disconnects happen more often (of course, not sure this might be related to Rewasd at all), but what happens with the controllers is that, instead of turning off the led, they turn on the led as light red and I'm not able to reconnect them again (even if I power cycle them!). The system becomes messy and stops recognizing the controllers, and only a restart of the PC fixes the problem.

    - It seems also to me that, in certain contexts, the auto-detect feature doesn't work as effective as before, sometimes taking a few seconds to apply a new config based on the associated apps. Before this latest update, Rewasd was really fast in detecting the active process/app and switching configs.

    As mentioned above, some of the issues might be related to BT connectivity/range issues I might have and I will be able to test a new BT dongle in couple of days. I will update this topic with some findings.


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    Please collect the standard log files by following the steps from this guide.


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      Unfortunately I ended up not having the chance to test with an Asus BT adapter, but considering everything that I have read about potential interferences between USB 3.0 devices and interfaces and Bluetooth, I decided to use a USB 2.0 extension cable and connect my BT adapter to that extension and move it away from the PC and USB 3.0 disks by ~ 50 cms.

      And what a difference!! Not only I stopped having these random disconnects, but also the working with the wireless keyboard/mouse became much better, without any lag!

      Therefore, apart from that minor issue in the text of the BLE device connected pop-up message, there's nothing else by now that I can blame Rewasd for.

      I do however believe that this issue with USB 3.0 devices should be better exposed.