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    hello, I am trying to connect my gamecube controller with rewasd, I have scrupulously followed several guides provided by support, but nothing works, rewasd does not recognize my controller. I uninstalled zadig, removed all third party drivers, and deleted the device in the device manager, however, when I plug it back in, it is still recognized as "wup-28" in the manager, and when I try to "replace it with the Windows USB device" as you say, I have nothing of the sort offered to me. when I try to replace the driver, Windows cannot find any driver offered to me.

    Sorry for my english, i'm using a translator.

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    Hey there!

    reWASD doesn't detect the controller only when a third-party driver is present on your PC (e.g., wup-028).

    In your case, the issue is not related to reWASD, and you need to follow the provided steps to remove the third-party driver correctly.

    If you encounter a problem with driver removal/replacement, then send us a screenshot from the Device Manager.


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      I understood that "wup-28" was the problem, but I uninstalled all the third party drivers (zadig, v joy, etc.) and when I uninstall the drives in the device manager (see image 1), that I unplug the controller again, it is re-installed as wup-28 by Windows, and I cannot change the drivers as said in your posts (see image 2 and 3) how should I proceed?​


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        Ok I found a temporary solution, by uninstalling all the drivers, whether in pc or switch/wii u mode, it seems that rewasd recognizes the controller but only in pc mode, even if it is less precise than in mode wii u/switch, at least he recognizes it


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          edit: After some tries, it dosn't reconize the shoulders, that is problematic​​


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            Unfortunately, we do not know all the intricacies of the operation and replacement of this driver, and we cannot provide you with more information on solving this problem since it is not related to reWASD.


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              Could you please collect some logs for us? We will be glad if this helps to find a possible solution.​

              Please follow these steps:
              1. Disconnect your device from your PC.
              2. Run reWASD as Administrator.
              3. Open [ > General] and click the [Start log] button.
              4. Connect your device to your PC and wait for it to appear in reWASD.
              5. Open [ > General] and click the [Stop log] button.
              6. ZIP up the [c:\Users\Public\Documents\reWASD\Logs] folder and upload the ZIP file here.


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                Your adapter should not look like COM port, it must be standard 'USB input device' when you select WiiU mode. So there is something wrong. And to change its driver in Windows you should not just remove it - it will not help. You must select "Uninstall" option and specify checkbox to also delete its software.
                > I uninstalled zadig​
                Zadig is just a helper tool to change USB device driver in Windows - uninstalling it is not needed.