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Use reWASD emulated as external device on Nintendo switch

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  • Use reWASD emulated as external device on Nintendo switch


    I like to use reWASD to emulate a switch pro controller on my switch as external device. My goal is to record a tutorial video for RPG maker MV and reduce the amount of clicks needed so I can optimize the workflow and display the pressed buttons. For example by using the reWASD combos and reading input from an external file.

    I found this article about using a Bluetooth adapter with a broadcom chip.

    And got two devices without the info if they have one or not (just with the info they have support for the switch). I followed the steps and it showed the emulated controller on the console, but once I pressed the A button to leave "add controller menu" it lost the signal and displayed "no additional controller added". My switch model is quite old and not the OLED version. (HAC-001) and use a video capture card for recording.

    My questions so far:
    Where do I need to plugin the adapter? Is it the PC or the switch? My guess was the PC so it could emulate the switch controller and send the signal to the console.

    Has anyone successfully used PC to emulate key pressed on switch? Do you have suggestions what device might work and how the setup should be? I sure will continue my research, but I hoped maybe someone has a suggestion that might help.

    Let me know if you need more details.

    Best regards
    Marci from Germany

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    Unfortunately, the Bluetooth adapter is no longer suitable for use as an external device. In one of the updates. Nintendo removed this possibility.

    However, there is a way to make the external device and connect it to the Switch console using the ESP-32 adapter. A detailed guide and steps can be found here.


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      Thank you for your quick reply! I'll check out the instruction and try an ESP-32 adapter.