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A few pre-purchase questions

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  • A few pre-purchase questions

    A couple questions
    Is this the correct ep32 controller to allow me to control my switch from my pc?
    Does the amiibo function still work?
    I assume I can use the macro function of rewasd with this method?
    Is it possible to make a macro that spins a stick in circles quickly? (specifically for Lulu of Final fantasy 10, as my old hands can't manage it)

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    Hey there!

    1. Yes. You can find more detailed information about the ESP32 Bluetooth adapter in this article.
    2. Yes. You can find details here.
    3. Unfortunately, I don't quite understand what you mean. Please describe your question in more detail.
    4. Sure. You can learn more about the Combo in this article.


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      Thank you for the answers; did you amend the amiibo one?
      I shall pick it up next payday.


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        Originally Posted by AGenericUser View Post
        did you amend the amiibo one?
        There was just a little confusion about the latest information regarding amiibo.


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          Thank you for the reply, just purchased.
          Much better gyro for my Vader pro than the Flydigi software.
          Just waiting on the adapter for the switch.
          Have a good day.