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[BUG?]Mapping don't work setting shift modifier and rumble on same button on 4.0.

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  • [BUG?]Mapping don't work setting shift modifier and rumble on same button on 4.0.

    I'm not good English speaker. So my English is maybe funny. Sorry. (I'm Japanese.)

    I used shift modifier and rumble on same button on version 3.1 - 3.2.I made and have been using this config file.
    After update to version 4.0, I found mapping on the button don't work.
    This function is correctly working on version 3.2.

    To duplicate the problem, I made new config, and check it. And it is reproduced.
    I checked these config file on text editer, but any problem didn't find.
    So I think this probrem is bug, and report here.

    reWASD config file

    This config is set shift modifier on P1, P2, X or Y, and A button is mapping "A" on shift 1-4.
    In the movie, push A holding P1, P2, X or Y.

    My environment
    Windows 10
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz, 16 GB RAM, GeForce GTX 1060
    Xbox Elite Controller
    reWASD 4.0

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    Thank you for bug reporting. Indeed, The button doesn't work if it has Shift Modifier (works without). Also if you switch on a toggle modifier it doesn't work inside the toggle and fires when you press a button again to shut a toggle down.

    We will investigate the problem and try to fix it ASAP.

    Thank you for the cooperation.
    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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      We've fixed the issue you found. Thanks a lot for your detailed report and sorry for the inconvenience. Please download the new version from and install.


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        What a nice job did you do!
        I'm disapointed that I don't know what to compliment in English.
        Thanks a lot (/'?')/


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          You are welcome!


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            I found new bug on version 4.00.831.
            It is happen to use 2 shift modifier consimultaneously.


            In this video, I pushed P1 and P2, and release them.
            But shift and alt don't release despite paddles released.

            I couldn't find the detail, sorry.


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              Thank you for the report. We have reproduced the problem and will try to fix it ASAP.
              We do appreciate your assistance.
              Don't worry! Be Happy!


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                Hello! Today we have released reWASD 4.0.1 with several important fixes. The one you mentioned above is fixed too. I would be grateful if you could update and try.
                You can review all release notes here.