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Controller detected but inputs are not on Shadow Streaming PC

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    Originally Posted by Lucleonhart View Post
    Ok, it NEARLY works. Remapping single buttons is fine, but the combinations does not work.
    See screens - if i remap A with controller mapping to B, it only presses B when i press the A button:

    When i remap A to B using the rewasd mapping, it presses A and B when i press the A button, strange but ok:

    But then i configured a combination (thats what i wanted to do for the MFI controller) and it just presses the normal buttons, not the combination result:

    Did i miss something?
    Hello! Great to know that we have moved to the new level with Shadow PC (and sorry for my late reply).

    Well, actually the behavior you get is OK, it just needs a bit of adjustment.

    1. When you remap A to B using Gamepad mapping section, reWASD switches those button on something that look like "hardware" level. That is why now A works as B, and this is how it meant to be.

    2. When you remap A to B using reWASD mapping section, reWASD presses B button on the Virtual Xbox 360 controller that appeared after you pressed Apply. In addition, reWASD switches all of your controller buttons to the same ones on the Virtual controller. That is why you get B (the one you mapped) and A (the one that was automatically reflected from the press you physically do). That is truly confusing, but there is an easy way to avoid such a behavior. You need to unmap A button (you may use Gamepad mapping section to unmap A only or press "Unmap" button on the frame you open for A, and then all four diamond buttons will be unmapped). Unmap switches the native controller button off. It will help you not to get A fired after you press A, but get B that you have mapped.

    3. Unmaps will save you once again while working with Shortcuts and Virtual controller. Right now, reWASD has a limitation with using them both. To make the shortcut work, you need to unmap A button and set it to A in reWASD mapping, unmap B button and set it to B in reWASD mapping section, then create a Shortcut with A+B and set it to the desired one (it's a Stick click on my screenshot below). The same should be done to all buttons you use in Shortcuts. On my screenshot, I have DS4 controller, but it doesn't appear in joy.cpl, you can see the Virtual controller only. Right now, I'm pressing both A and B together (Circle and Cross in my case to be exact ).

    Click image for larger version

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      Perfection. Works like a charm now, thank you for the in depth guide. Was already curious what the difference between the controller assignment and the normal rewasd mapping is. Was also missing the lowlevel hardware remapping in the shortcuts. But now it all makes sense.

      Thank you very much again, buying the full package right now. ^___^


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        I should really wait with those posts to avoid double posting.
        So, after activating my license, this is where i checked the new created shortcuts:

        * Shadow Of The Tomb Raider - works flawlessly
        * joy.cpl - works flawlessly
        * Steam Big Picture - works flawlessly

        * Final Fantasy XIV - does nor detect any inputs from the controller at ALL
        * Nier Automata - same as FFXIV.

        Thats all i tested, but there is clearly a problem as soon as ReWASD creates the Virtual XBOX 360 for reWASD controller. Low level hardware remapping works in FF and Nier, but i just does not have enough buttons on my stupid MFI controller.


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          Great! Happy to see your feedback

          You are correct that the issue with some games may appear when we create the virtual controller. Some games are not able to detect it at once. There's a few steps for troubleshooting:

          1. Try to restart the game. For FFXIV, after the restart, please check the in-game settings. This game allows you to choose the input device, it should be our virtual controller to make it work.
          2. If game restarting doesn't help, it's better to reboot the PC (Shadow PC in your case). Be sure that reWASD tray agent is on in the system and you have applied the config before the reboot.

          It works for any game we tested (including those two ones), but I should warn you that we have tested it for real Windows only. However, I'm pretty sure that it will help with the virtual Shadow machine too


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            Just a quick info, cannot get it to work whatever i tried it does not Register any input on the virtual rewasd Controller in some games. Which is a real shame because it is working so well in the others. Going to see if i can find any other alternative / Workaround for the Problem in those specific games. Thanks again!


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              That's a pity
              This note includes all the possible steps that fix the issues with Virtual Controller and specific games. Hope it will help you. Would be grateful if you find and share any other solutions.