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Use Xbox controller with PS4 Remote Play and reWASD 5.1!

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  • Use Xbox controller with PS4 Remote Play and reWASD 5.1!

    Summer is a relaxing time of the year, they said, it’ll be calm, they said. Well, no. After a massive release with keyboard, mouse and device groups, we are going to surprise you again with reWASD 5.1 and its awesome new features.

    Use Virtual DS4 controller for Remote Play

    Enjoy Sony exclusive games with Remote Play and… any controller you have! With reWASD 5.1, you can create a Virtual DS4 controller out of DS3, Xbox or Nintendo gamepad. Or you can use it together with your physical DS4 to enable combos, turbo and toggle. Everything you liked about Virtual Xbox 360 controller from reWASD, now available for Sony fans too.

    Keep an eye on gamepad battery in the system tray

    Once you connect a wireless gamepad, you will see a new icon in the system tray. It will show the battery status, so you won’t need to open reWASD and check it there. In Preferences, you can set which icons we should show and which are not interesting for you. Also, you can choose a fancy color for each gamepad, so it’ll be easier to know who is who.

    Map sticks to stick direction of a virtual controller

    To turn your controller into Xbox 360 or DS4, you need to map a single controller button to the correspondent virtual control and press Apply. But if you want to adjust everything by yourself, now it is possible. In addition to digital controls, virtual stick directions appeared in the list of reWASD mappings for physical sticks.

    Record the smallest pause in Combo Editor

    In previous reWASD versions, we didn’t record tiny pauses between button presses to make combo as fast as possible. But seems that for some games, each millisecond matters. Now Combo recorder detects each and every pause but you still can easily remove the explicit ones using the pause context menu.

    Enjoy faster, optimized and less resourceful app

    We do not want to bother you with technical details but you may be sure that we’ve made a huge optimization in reWASD 5.1. You may not see but will feel the difference. At least you may notice that each mapping on the controller changes its size together with the main window, and it looks awesome!

    Learn more about reWASD features in detailed help guide

    You’ve asked for more tips and tricks, and here they are! All features are carefully described in reWASD Help Guide but we are not going to stop and will add more use cases and examples about how to get the most out of your favorite gamepad remapper.

    Still have questions? Do not hesitate to ask on Facebook, Discord or here.
    Want to test the new version? Press Check for updates in Preferences or download from the official site.

    And finally, here is a long list of fixed issues:
    • Fixed: Deleted config is applied with an error once an associated app is autodetected if there are other configs inside this game profile
    • Fixed: After GUI restart, Slot 1 is chosen for keyboard always even if it is empty and there are other non-empty slots
    • Fixed: Virtual input device settings (mouse adjustments and keyboard repeat rate) are not applied for mappings in Shortcuts
    • Fixed: Axes range settings are not applied
    • Fixed: Mapping added to Shift modifier works for the last device of its type only in the group of a few such devices
    • Fixed: Several keyboard buttons are emulated twice if they are used in Shortcuts
    • Fixed: reWASD service crashes when SCUF DS4 is connected
    • Fixed: If DS4 is connected wireless and via cable at the same time, two controllers are shown in reWASD after app restart
    • Fixed: In Shortcuts, button filter is empty for physical mouse
    • Fixed: Minimal app width depends on screen size and can’t be minimized for Ultra Wide monitors
    • Fixed: Shift modifier icon is not shown for mouse button
    • Fixed: A sigle one button may be chosen as a modifier in several shifts
    • Fixed: A part of Advanced stick settings are hidden while switching between shifts
    • Fixed: New sub-config doesn’t inherit custom virtual input device settings

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    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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      I must be missing something as I can only find a virtual 360, and associated mappings. When I turn remap on, regardless if I have a XB1 or DS4 connected, I can only associate with 360 controls. Also, has the power option been added somewhere and I missed it? I even tried mapping a double press to a very long press on the controller button (to simulate holding the button down until it shuts off) but that did nothing either. One final request, can we have the Battery levels and reWASD taskbar icons separate so we can hide one or the other via the Windows 10 taskbar settings?


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        In order to switch to DS4, you need to choose this gamepad in Virtual devices settings.

        Please press an icon at the left from your controller (1) and make your choice (2). You will see that new icon appears (3):

        Click image for larger version  Name:	eba5529f5b.jpg Views:	0 Size:	101.2 KB ID:	217154

        Then, in reWASD mapping section and in Combo Editor, only DS4 controls will be shown:

        Click image for larger version  Name:	8b03a8a8fb.jpg Views:	0 Size:	122.2 KB ID:	217155


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          As for battery icon, please check reWASD Preferences to make sure that everything is set correctly.

          Click Preferences icon at the bottom right of the main window:

          Click image for larger version  Name:	cf8aaa1922.jpg Views:	0 Size:	103.8 KB ID:	217158

          Choose Tray Agent tab (1), check whether the wireless controller you want to appear in the system tray is in the list (2), check "Show icon and mark it with" option (3) for this controller and then select a color for this device. Press Apply, and the icon will appear (4). If you want to switch it off permanently, uncheck "Show icon and mark it with" option in reWASD. If you want to close it for now, use Exit option from its context menu that appear on the right mouse button click.

          A separate icon is created for each device you connect to your PC.
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            Thank you for the information. I have no problems setting up the battery status icons, my issue is I would like to autohide ONLY the reWASD icon and keep the battery status as always show in the notification area. I don't want to disable the reWASD icon, as it's great for easy access, I just don't need it visible in my tray all the time. If I set the reWASD icon as autohide, it also autohides the battery icons. The two are obviously linked at the moment.

            Thanks for the fantastic update by the way...


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              I see, thanks for the explanations. Right now, reWASD tray agent does lots of things including autodetect, autoremap and many more. We will investigate how to assign those features to the additional battery icons so you can hide the main one. Stay tuned, reWASD becomes better with each release


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                I'm perfectly fine with having it available, I'd just like to have the reWASD icon in the hidden area:

                While having the battery status icons stay in the notification bar (next to the time) whenever connected. Right now, they cannot be separated,


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                  Got it. Will think that is possible to do.


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                    So, this happened...

                    I was emulating an X360 with my DS4 in Dead Space 2 on Origin. When I quit, this is what I saw.

                    Side note: an automap for swapping controllers would be a welcomed addition...


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                      Originally Posted by Mobeeuz View Post
                      So, this happened...

                      I was emulating an X360 with my DS4 in Dead Space 2 on Origin. When I quit, this is what I saw.

                      Side note: an automap for swapping controllers would be a welcomed addition...
                      Hm. Which tool do you use for Xbox 360 emulation?
                      And I'm not sure that I got you right. What do you mean by automap for swapping controllers?


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                        reWASD I was using my DS4 mapped as the x360 through reWASD's virtual controller.
                        Automap for swapping controllers. I mean If I have a DS4, and want to map it to reWASD's virtual 360 (or any controller, mapped to another) an easier way to map it as close to 1:1 as possible.

                        For instance, adding a Map to button:

                        That would automatically set up thumbsticks for the virtual controller (directions and press) like WASD or Mouse.


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                          Pretty strange, never experienced something like that before. Will try to catch this issue on our side.
                          Have you tried to restart reWASD tray agent to check whether the issue reproduces again?

                          As for 1:1 remap, you can't set a single one button of your DS4 controller and that's it. All other buttons will be remapped automatically.
                          If you need keyboard presses set to your controller, you again set them to DS4. You can't press a button on your Xbox 260, so it is always your DS4.


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                            Hey there!

                            We have releases the new reWASD version that includes a deep code refactoring regarding the battery icons.
                            We would be grateful if you check reWASD 5.2 and let us know about the possible issues.