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Use External Virtual controller to play on PS4 console, mobile and desktop devices!

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  • Use External Virtual controller to play on PS4 console, mobile and desktop devices!

    Hey there! We are happy to introduce brand-new features of reWASD 5.6 to you. This release is pretty huge, and hope you will like it

    So, which new things will you be able to do?
    • Use External Virtual controller to play on PS4 console, mobile and desktop devices
    From now on, you can connect the virtual controller created by reWASD to any device at home — other PC, mobile phone or tablet and PS4 console! You will need one of two things: a good Bluetooth radio or the GIMX adapter.

    Both types require a bit of adjustment, but we hope it won’t take long. You can also learn all the tips and steps from our help guide devoted to Bluetooth and GIMX. Can’t wait to get your feedback!
    • Remap Xbox Series X & DualSense gamepads
    The new generation of Xbox and PlayStation controllers are ready for you on PC The new buttons on both devices — Share and Microphone — are also fully remappable in reWASD. At the moment, we do not support adaptive triggers and haptic feedback of DualSense as there are no games that use it yet, but no worries, it is only the first step, and we will certainly add more new things in the upcoming versions.
    • Calibrate Gyro center automatically or manually
    We suggest you to set Gyro deadzone to zero with the new version, because from now on, you won’t get any accidental moves when you do not turn the controller.
    • Record Stick moves in Combo Editor
    Make complex combo sequences with ease!
    • Emulate partially pressed trigger in Combo Editor
    Add it manually or record
    • Adjust 1-10 ms pauses for combos and Turbo mode
    If you want to fire mappings THIS fast
    • Emulate mouse moves on DS4 touchpad
    This thing will certainly make your Desktop config better.
    • Set mappings to tap and tap with click for DS4 touchpad
    ...and check the reworked touchpad mappings we have there. Please note that your previous mappings for DS4 touchpad will be removed with the new version. We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope you will find many more interesting things you can map to the touchpad now.
    • Map +4 actions to stick in a digital mode
    Switch the stick to the digital mode and add 8 separate actions to it.
    • Change the default folder for the configs and box arts
    So you won’t miss it after the operating system updates for sure.
    • Use GameCube connected via Nyko adapter with reWASD
    Especially for togper with love from our team
    • Check Spanish localization of reWASD GUI
    Thanks to amazing Ehyeh_Aries

    And finally, the list of fixes:

    Fixed: PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch disconnects when reWASD lights Player LED on it
    Fixed: After reconnecting Joy-Cons switched off using Turn wireless gamepad off command, latency increases
    Fixed: Foot pedals are not recognized by the native software after reWASD installation
    Fixed: Mappings from the stick of the PS3 Navigation may fire when the stick is idle if the controller is connected via Bluetooth.
    Fixed: A command mapped to the zone may work unstable if the stick, gyro, trigger or mouse were moved quickly
    Fixed: reWASD doesn’t switch Elite Series 2 slot to the first one if the physical slot switcher was pressed a held even if it is switched to the Slot 0 physically
    Fixed: The config applied to the group remains active after the group was re-created due to disconnected group’s participant(s)
    Fixed: It is not possible to unmap consumer and system keys on keyboards
    Fixed: It is impossible to save Virtual input device settings if you navigate to them from Mouse sub-config in Mouse + Keyboard groups
    Fixed: Advanced mouse buttons are not shown for mouses with consumer buttons only
    Fixed: Reset to default button is not working for sticks and gyro on the devices that are not chosen as current ones at the moment
    Fixed: Shortcuts are not shown at once for imported configs
    Fixed: reWASD GUI is opened in minimized mode if it was previously closed in minimized mode

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    The reWASD team continues to kill it with new features that I didn't even know I wanted yet. Gyro calibration and 8-way bindings on a joystick are things that I've requested and am extremely happy to see. Porting over the Steam Controller touchpad settings to the DS4 touchpad was something that I was going to ask wayyy later down the road but, again, I'm excited to mess around with. But the External Virtual Controller? Genius! You have finally given us an easy way to gain complete controller remapping *and* gyro aiming in any Playstation 4 game. It's kinda mind blowing and I'm very tempted to replay so many titles just to experience they way they should have been at launch.

    Great job as always! Seriously......the team is very creative and amazing.

    edit: is there any place that I should post about working hardware setups for External Virtual Controller. I just tried it on Apex Legends and it worked very well -- even more interesting is how well it worked out of the box given all of the variables in the equation (how the devs code the response curve, acceleration, etc in their game). If it matters, the Asus BT-400 BT Adapter worked perfectly with the DS4 version 2 and a Slim PS4.
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      I just signed up to the forum and made this profile for one thing only which is to say THANK YOU.

      The reWASD development team is by far one of the best I have ever seen and I can't say I have ever made a better investment on a software EVER. I have bought 4 copies and been using them on desktop PCs and laptops without since it first released and never been disappointed. Of course there are the occasional hiccups and quirks but they were never frustrating to me.

      You guys always bring the new features as soon as I actually need them, I have no idea how even though I have never left any suggestions or feedback anywhere. It is insane how as soon as I really need one tiny thing you come up with an update that has what I need, it's supernatural and surreal really.

      I just wanna say thank you from the bottom of my heart <3


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        Good day, everyone,

        Thank you guys for all your great feedbacks and kind words! We're happy that you enjoy with new features. It's awesome!
        Don't worry! Be Happy!


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          Many thanks for the feedback!

          CriticalComposer You can share your configs to our community, it will be linked to the game you have.

          As for the info about the BT adapter, we would be happy to see the feedbacks in this topic. We can't test all the adapters, so any comment is valuable for us. The one you use was tested by our team too, yep, works flawlessly.