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Rotation option for sticks and trackpads, improved Gyro emulation and stability fixes

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  • Rotation option for sticks and trackpads, improved Gyro emulation and stability fixes

    Today, we have released a new major version — reWASD 5.6.2 — that includes several new perks and many important fixes. We hope you won’t hesitate to update
    • Choose the angle of axes for sticks and trackpads
    This option is also known as Rotation — it allows you to choose the angle for your stick or trackpad in case it is not convenient to push it as it is designed.
    • Increase the sensitivity of the mouse mapped to the physical stick
    If you feel that your mouse mapped to the physical sticks doesn’t move as quickly as you need, now you can speed it up with increased sensitivity.
    • Check improved Gyro transition from Nintendo controllers to Virtual DS4
    We can’t stop improving our Gyro. This time, we have reworked the way how the physical gyroscope is transformed into the virtual one. We are pretty sure that you won’t notice any difference now
    • Use the latest version with several important stability improvements
    And here is the list of important fixes we have added to this release:
    • Fixed: Controllers are not detected in reWASD after the Xbox Extended Feature Support option is enabled and disabled in Big Picture
    • Fixed: reWASD service crashes if Remap is turned on and off rapidly several times with Azeron keypad
    • Fixed: DualSense LED settings are not applied automatically after enabling the previously applied config if the controller was connected wirelessly and was turned off using a command or the correspondent reWASD setting
    • Fixed: Virtual keyboard rate doesn’t influence keyboard combos and keyboard mappings set to Toggle or Turbo
    • Fixed: GUI crashes while trying to filter an empty list of additional mouse buttons
    • Fixed: The config with an unmapped mouse that doesn’t have a shift that frees it is not applied if the user has canceled the confirmation and checked Remember my choice with the similar config
    • Fixed: Combo that includes a trigger and several stick moves and is set to Turbo may lock the stick after a few iterations
    • Fixed: GUI crashes while trying to add a new adapter with MAC-address that includes -
    • Fixed: The list of associated apps is empty for the imported config until the GUI restart