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Steam controller’s Trackball mode and updated Slots in reWASD 6.2.1

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  • Steam controller’s Trackball mode and updated Slots in reWASD 6.2.1

    Meet our small but mighty release which, we hope, will make your gaming experience even better. Let me show you the details
    • Enable and adjust Trackball mode for Steam controller
    You were asking, and here it is — a truly important mode for Steam controller users, which lets you turn freely and never miss anything you see around. Enjoy!
    • Manage configs applied to Slots when Remap is OFF and get back to the same Slot after turning Remap ON again
    A few changes in Slots behavior — so you can always see what will be applied. Also, the configs with virtual controllers are now marked with a correspondent icon near the Remap is ON/OFF button so it will be easier to track what happens here.
    • Change the Size of any Overlay type
    …just as you need on your monitor.
    • Hook gamepad and keyboard controls in Shortcuts
    … to add Shortcuts easier than ever!
    • Enable Microphone LED of DualSense on Remap and Shift changing
    This one has two specific modes only — Solid Glow and Breathing. Still, why not use it?
    • Change the type of the virtual controller or remove all its mappings using Magic Wand
    • Copy all stick and gyro settings to use in new configs or layers
    • Check Total combo time while creating complex combos

    The list of fixes is below:
    • Fixed: It is not possible to hook SR/SL buttons on Joy-Cons in reWASD GUI
    • Fixed: Toggle of the analog trigger set to Long Press activator toggles trigger even with a slight press
    • Fixed: Any mapping in a Shift layer won’t be triggered automatically without the necessity to re-press the button manually if the layer was switched while this button is pressed
    • Fixed: The gamepad button used as Hold Shift Jump won’t work natively if the gamepad is remapped to the virtual controller automatically and the manual mapping is not set
    • Fixed: The LED of Xbox Elite 2 & Xbox Series X doesn’t react on the Low battery status
    • Fixed: Not all strings are translated on the fly — restart is required after changing language

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    Tested trackball mode on Steam Controller and it works great. It's making Steam Controller more compatible with reWASD and unlocking its full potential. I would like to be able to use it in my Shield Controller too, as the trackpad is small, and using it in trackball mode would make this controller more useful (this can be useful in Dualshock 4 and DualSense). From trackback features, it would be great to have swiping gestures support (different actions when swiping down, up, right, left eg. switching weapons). But when we have trackball mode I think swiping is very easy to implement (and then we will be able to have weapon selection wheels or these emotes wheels).

    Microphone LED is useful too, I will know when my micro will be active and when it's not. It works great with push-to-talk mapping with the toggling feature. But is it possible to add an option to mute the microphone and unmute but from OS level (not just in game)? It would be useful for games where micro is always active. Some laptops have such function buttons but I do not know how it exactly work. This binding would be very useful for DualSense.


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      Thanks a lot for your feedback!

      We do plan to support mappings for gestures. Also, we are planning to make our Overlay be able to work as Radial menu. Stay tuned!
      Nvidia should benefit from trackball mode, we will try to add this option to other controls soon.

      As for the microphone, reWASD doesn't work with audio devices in any controller, so I can't promise anything right now, but we will check if there is anything we could do


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        I now have a SteamDeck, any chance to have it interact with Rewasd as a controller in some way?


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          It's hard to say anything yet, since we haven't received our copy of the device for testing yet.
          As soon as we find out something, we will be happy to share it.


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            Originally Posted by flowerdealer View Post
            I now have a SteamDeck, any chance to have it interact with Rewasd as a controller in some way?

            One of our customers shared this guide. It includes one more tool to work, but hope it could be a temporary solution for you.


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              I don't really want rewasd running on Linux, what I want to do is to map it as a controller in Windows in some way.


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                My dream would be to be able to run Rewasd junior on the steamdecks screen and then use it as a controller in Windows. I know it's a bit crazy but that would be amazing.


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                  Doesn't sound impossible I think. But at the moment — no guarantees until we get our Steam Deck devices


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                    To elaborate more: Right now, if you connect the SteamDeck via virtualhere (remote usb client), Steam actually detects it a s a controller and you can use it in Windows. Unfortunately, Rewasd sees it, but not as a controller (it should basically be a SteamController, but it's called SteamController Neptune). My idea was to run Rewasd junior on the SteamDeck (which unfortunately I've discovered it's hard to do as emulating android apps on linux is not trivial), or run the rewasd app via a Windows display extender like Deskreen or Spacedesk, and have the Rewasd UI available in the SteamDeck while using it as a controller on my main PC, but with a UI which you can use to map controls on the fly.