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reWASD 3.1. Released!

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  • reWASD 3.1. Released!

    Hey guys!

    Have you already updated to reWASD 3.1? If not, it's time to start using it! reWASD 3.1 brought two features we are extremely proud of: Activators & Toggle Shift.

    Activators allow you to set mappings or combos not only to the regular button press but to other types of button pressing. Thus, you can activate a mapping when you press and hold the button for the selected amount of time, add combo to double press or set a mapping to each button release. With activators, you can add x5 times more mappings! Not sure how to start with this feature? Learn more from this post.

    Toggle makes Shift mode pretty easier to use. As you remember, Shift works while you press and hold the Shift modifier button. With the new release, you can also activate Shift by a single button press and deactivate it when you press this button again. Here is a short post about how and when you may need this option.

    Hope you will like reWASD 3.1 And we have already started working on the new version. Any ideas what we up to?