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reWASD 4.0.2 with wireless Xbox Elite fix is out!

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  • reWASD 4.0.2 with wireless Xbox Elite fix is out!

    Hey there!

    When talking about the quality of software our team brings to the world, the sky's the only limit. After a few more weeks of testing, answering your questions, developing and polishing our product, we are ready to present one more minor version with important fixes and visible improvements.

    So, long story short. Meet reWASD 4.0.2 that allows you to:
    • Do not lose your Xbox Elite connected wirelessly while using Virtual Xbox 360 for reWASD
    Xbox Elite users here and everywhere in the network were talking about the only thing these days: why the wireless adapter loses the connection with the controller if the controller is fully unmapped. Frankly speaking, that question should go to the controller & dongle vendor, but we are not going to wait for their answer and have already found a way to overcome this issue. Now its totally safe to use the full power of reWASD with your Xbox Elite

    Other fixes include:
    • Fixed: Enable autoremap on startup option doesnt work for specific physical and virtual machines
    • Fixed: Mouse mappings set to Stick do not work inside the Toggle Shift
    • Fixed: Zero Delay between keys is lost after GUI restart
    • Fixed: reWASD rumble used for DS4 and in-game rumble have conflicts
    Do not hesitate to update and use the most complete version of your favorite gamepad mapper In the meantime, we are working on the feature update that is coming at the beginning of March. It will bring the new controller support and exciting additions to Combo Editor. Stay tuned!
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