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Use Joy-Con controllers with reWASD 4.1

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  • Use Joy-Con controllers with reWASD 4.1

    Hi there!

    Today, we have so many exciting features for you to try! We are finally ready to show reWASD 4.1 to you and hope you will like the new functions, devices and improvements.

    Long story short, with reWASD 4.1, you can:

    Hide your physical controller from the system while you use the virtual one

    At the end of the previous year, we released reWASD 4.0 that allows you to create Virtual Xbox 360 controller to use for combos or for the games that do not detect your DirectInput gamepad. We know that you enjoyed this feature and use it often, but also we got many complaints about the games that do not switch between virtual and physical controller and fail. We have a long guide that shows how to troubleshoot the issue, but also we made a huge leap in development and now hide the physical device from the system completely to avoid all those misunderstandings in games. You are welcome to try. Please note that you will still see your Elite or One in Xbox Accessories app in case you need it.

    Remap Joy-Con controllers separately or in pair

    We are excited about this lovely couple of tiny gamepads and hope you will enjoy using them with reWASD too. Connect both halves and group them into one solid controller or use as two separate devices. All reWASD mappings and adjustments are here for you.

    Adjust the stick response curve for Virtual Xbox 360

    Going to switch from physical gamepad to the virtual one but do not want to lose your Stick Response, Inverts and Swaps? Here you go. reWASD 4.1 emulates all advanced stick adjustments on Virtual Xbox 360 and it is truly huge!

    Map Stick moves to digital buttons or add them to combos

    More actions to your comprehensive combos. Now you can move your sticks inside the combo, toggle the stick deflection or move the virtual stick with a digital button.

    Set different hotkeys for each slot on each controller

    Choose the particular slots you want to use hotkeys for and adjust the unique combinations for each gamepad you use.

    Remap PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch

    Here is one more device we support from now. Any owners here?

    Send a buzz to your controller to locate it

    Press the controller icon at the bottom left corner of reWASD main window and the chosen gamepad will gently vibrate. One more way to find it on the table.

    Choose the right controller from the first sight

    We added the diversity to those bottom left icons mentioned above. Now itll be pretty easy to distinguish Elite from Joy-Con.

    And finally, here is the list of fixed issues we hope you have never experienced and sure that you wont see again:

    Fixed: If Single, Long and Release presses are added, Single press mapping doesnt work
    Fixed: If Single, Long, Double and Triple presses are mapped to combo while Start and Release presses have mappings, combos from Single and Double presses do not work
    Fixed: If Long and Release presses are added, Long is activated after Release even if the press time was less than long time press
    Fixed: If Stick is unmapped in Shift, unmap doesnt work immediately after entering the Shift mode if if was in the working zone when the Shift modifier was pressed
    Fixed: Nintendo Switch Pro connected via cable is not detected after OS restart
    Fixed: DualShock 4 (first revision) connected via Bluetooth causes the closing of Windows menu and settings

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