Hi everyone, new to ReWASD and the forum. Huge thanks to the whole team for working on this tool! You literally brought my Steam Controller back from the dead. I tried the trial yesterday and bought the whole package - probably won't use half of the options, but I'd gladly support the project!

I prefer mouse + keyboard, but love the idea of the Steam Controller. Only problem - right touchpad "on top" means taking thumb of camera control to press A/B/X/Y. Same with the left stick - very tricky to control with thumb and left touchpad with my index finger, to walk and do actions at the same time.

ReWASD finally allowed me to remap gyro to WASD! Can't thank you enough! I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else, usually people use gyro for extra aiming. It's brilliant to tilt my controller to make the character walk and pressing any buttons independently - leaves my left hand free to press any button I need without taking my thumb off the walking stick or bending my fingers in some weird hand yoga claw. Also leaves the left stick for extra button mappings.

I now use my Steam Controller instead of the keyboard for comfort, I'm attaching both rough template profiles I made last night:
  • "Controller Only" controls cursor with right touchpad,
  • "Separate Mouse" is a left-handed replacement for a keyboard, with a separate mouse (or often a wireless trackball in my case).
Very rough templates, any suggestions welcome. Works like a charm, though! These are just templates, but even if I copy and slightly adjust for specific games, the idea is to keep keys around WASD mapped the same on the controller for both profiles (same muscle memory) and remap actions in the game's options:
  • Left grip as layer shift (hold to shift),
  • Pressing Steam button toggles gyro. Long press resets tilt to adjust walking with tilt,
  • Keys 1-5 (and F1-F5 with layer shift, or 6-0, depending on the game) on left touchpad for quick access to actions, skills, hotbars, etc.,
  • "Back" button (between left touchpad and Steam button) mapped to F for "interact" or "use" (G with layer shift, for an important action, etc. quick heal pack or throw grenade or whatever)
  • Keys around WASD - Tab, Q, E, R, Left CTRL (Z, X, C, V, B with layer shift) on left stick. Only tricky here is Left CTRL for sneaky games - needs the "toggle" option if used a lot,
  • A/B/X/Y for non-crucial UI keys - I, M, J, Esc for inventory, map, journal, etc. (H, J, K, L with layer shift). because further away (when walking with gyro you can press those with your left hand) or you have to take your thumb off camera/cursor control,
  • Space on left bumper for a nice tactile "click",
  • Left Shift on trigger, because usually it's "hold to sprint" or "hold to sneak" or something like that, then the full "click" of the trigger can be autorun (works great in WoW and Outward),
Extra stuff for "Controller Only" profile:
  • Mouse controlled with right touchpad, a bit of "trackball" friction, click for Middle Mouse Button
  • "Forward" button (between Steam button and right touchpad) for Scroll Up (Scroll Down with layer shift)
  • Left Mouse Button on right bumper again for that tactile "click",
  • Right Mouse Button on trigger, because it's usually "hold to aim" or "hold to block" etc., (not sure if possible to set the full "click" of the trigger to toggle RMB),
  • Right grip for Scroll Lock, because it's my Push To Talk key (normally have it mapped on the mouse)
If I get my hands on a cheap joycon controller I'll try the same - feels it will be easier to hold one handed, right now I need to rest the Steam Controller on my lap if I'm using a separate mouse/trackball.

This makes Steam Controller near perfect, though! I use a Logitech M575 trackball daily, switch to a mouse only for competitive shooters - if the Steam Controller had a swappable trackball for the right touchpad it would have been THE perfect pad. Ages ago, I had a custom modded XBOX controller with a trackball instead of the right stick (ball translated to joystick signals) and it was brilliant. A ball on a pad like Steam Controller would be insane.
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