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  • Questions to people that use Mobile Controller

    So after waiting eagerly for the Radial Menus and now not having enough to purchase it currently, and not having Mobile Controller to have it for free, I thought about just getting all of the features in case future features will also be free if you own all the others. Problem for me is I can't think of a single use for Mobile Controller for me personally. It seems like something that only HTPC users would benefit from, and all my gaming comes from sitting at my desk.

    If anyone uses it from their desk, can you give me an example why it may be useful in that case? It sounds like it could still have uses, but I just can't think of any.

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    Here's few ideas:
    • Control sound volume by remapping something to [Vol+], [Vol-]. and [Mute].
    • Remap something to shortcuts like [LWin+1/2/3/4] to open or switch to apps pinned on your taskbar.
    • Remap to [LWin+CTRL+Left/Right] to move between Windows Desktops.
    • Set something up as a mouse pointer unlocker (you'll need to group the mobile controller with your mouse and keyboard for this to work).
    • Or use it in touchpad mode so you won't need to use the mouse to navigate in-game menus.
    • You can control the remap state if reWASD on your PC from your mobile device.
    Anything you can do with your mouse and keyboard can be done with a single button on a Mobile Controller.

    If you need inspiration in this area, you could Google for "Stream deck," as it is technically the same thing (although we lack a few features in comparison).