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In light of Activisions ban.

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  • In light of Activisions ban.

    It would be worthwhile for a lot of us, if the developers could come to an agreement with Activision and strip the software down to a controller emulator with the ability to remap keys, no scripts or combos. This is how I use the software and am bummed about the circumstances. It's been a really fun couple of weeks of owning the software.

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    Hey there!

    We are aware of the situation and appreciate your participation in our forum community. Our primary goal is to assist you with any technical issues and provide guidance on software configuration.

    We understand that recent events have caused some disturbance, but we want to reiterate that reWASD is not responsible for the policies set by game developers. However, we are actively working towards finding a compromise to resolve the issues at hand and provide the opportunity to continue using reWASD comfortably with your favorite games without violating the policies and requirements for equal gameplay.

    Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated. Thank you for being a part of the reWASD community!


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      Instead of removing cool features, I would prefer find a way how to exposure what we are actually remapping. If something what we remapped is breaking ToS of game, then they can disable auto-aim (I believe this is the biggest problem for them) or multiplayer mode, or whatever they want.


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        Hi FlameMan

        That's why it would be great if our users wrote directly to Activision, explaining why and how they used reWASD. We and our community are against unfair play.