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Seeking Insights on Overcoming Mouse Input Simulation Issues in Games

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  • Seeking Insights on Overcoming Mouse Input Simulation Issues in Games

    Hello REWASD community,

    I'm a beginner programmer currently developing a simple touchpad app for personal use to control mouse movement in games. I've been facing a challenge with mouse input simulation and am hoping to gain some insights from your experiences.

    My questions are:

    1. What protocol does the REWASD Junior app use to send mouse input?
    2. What programming language or package is utilized to simulate mouse input on Windows?

    I've been using C# with the `SendInput` method and Java's `Robot` class, but I've encountered a problem where the mouse seems to hit an invisible wall when trying to rotate the camera in certain games. Despite extensive research on platforms like Stack Overflow and experimenting with different approaches, I haven't found a solution that works consistently across all games.

    I'm particularly interested in whether the developers of REWASD Junior encountered similar issues during the development of their app and how they overcame them. Additionally, I've noticed that an app from the Play Store called "Touch by 62bytes" seems to work without issues in all games I've tested. I'm curious about the techniques or protocols it might be using to achieve such broad compatibility.

    If there are any specific methods, best practices, or insights you can share on ensuring compatibility with a wide range of games, I would greatly appreciate your guidance. If it would be helpful, I can share the basic code I've been working with for reference.

    Thank you for your time and assistance.

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    Hey there!

    We do not use SendInput for reWASD Junior. Our mouse functions like a physical mouse (we use raw mouse input), which is most likely why we do not encounter such issues.


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      Hello Strokel, are u one of the developers of rewasd junior?

      Thank you for your previous response regarding the use of raw mouse input in REWASD Junior. I understand that your app captures input from the user and sends it to the server. However, I'm still seeking clarification on how the server processes these commands to simulate mouse movements.

      Could you please explain the mechanism by which the server receives the input data from the client and then simulates the mouse movements based on that data? Additionally, I'm interested in knowing which network protocol you use to transmit these commands between the client and server, such as TCP or UDP.

      Understanding these server-side techniques will be particularly helpful for my project, as I'm aiming to develop a similar functionality in my touchpad app and ensure compatibility across various games.

      Thank you for your time and assistance.


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        No, I just relayed their response.
        If our developers have a free moment, they will reply to you personally, or I will pass on their next response. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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          no problem , thanks alot