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  • Default profile for Autodetect

    Hi. The Autodetect is OK, i think it would be awesome if we had a default profile to fallback. I know that there is the "Delete applies config on exit..." option, but i`ll give an example:
    Let`s say that I have a profile applied for The Witcher and another for Desktop.. I start the game, the Witcher profile applies, all is good, BUT when i ALT+TAB, maybe i alt tab to my Notepad++ which isn`t registered to the Desktop profile (can be any app..Winrar or idk thousands other). So the profile stays in the Witcher, or..if the "Delete applies.." option is checked, I get NO profile. So now i have to get the mouse, add Notepad++ to the Desktop profile .I have to do this with every other app that is not registered to the Desktop profile and I only need basic mouse movements ,clicks and such. Now, if i had a Default profile to fallback to , I would always have the "mouse" available to do things or enter a program for which i have a profile.
    I hope you understood me, thank you. Cheers.

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    Please specify, has the Desktop profile been modified or created as new? Do all processed initially set are for autodetect present - So, after switching from Witcher to Desktop the controller doesn't respond if the other process is not in the Desktop associated app?
    Please uncheck "Delete applied config..." option and you always will switch to the Desktop config even if some app process is not associated (wait a bit to switch for sure).
    Don't worry! Be Happy!


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      Thank you. Great. I unchecked "Delete applied" and i think is now working. Ill test more was a loong day at work today. Sorry i posted here, i guess it was more appropriate to post in the technical question forums , but i thought it wasn't implemented like that. Great software!


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        Thank for letting us know!

        reWASD has many options and settings, so do not hesitate to ask about our features in any forum