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[Suggest]Virtual Pro Controller or Full Gamepad Remapping;[Idea]Virtual Custom Layout

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  • [Suggest]Virtual Pro Controller or Full Gamepad Remapping;[Idea]Virtual Custom Layout

    So, while trying to remap my Switch Pro Controller, I ran into a number of problems;
    • Virtual Keyboard is always present in Devices and Printers after reWASD boots up, even if nothing is mapped to the Virtual Keyboard. (this one is the only one that's negligible)
    • D-Pad can't be remapped to an analogue stick on the same controller via Gamepad Remap.
    • Capture and Home can not be remapped at all through Gamepad Remap.
    • Remapping anything to a controller input with reWASD causes the Virtual XBox 360 Controller to appear in Devices and Printers, which is bad, since it swaps some games I play from Switch controller input to XBox 360 controller input. This means I need to remap the entire controller to XBox 360 inputs, as the games will either see the XBox inputs, or the Switch inputs, but not both; or worse, they will see both, but as different controllers. On top of that, the XBox 360 is s button short—lacking a mappable capture button The number of these games are small in the grand scope of all the games out there, but I have at least a handful of them.

    As for Virtual Custom Layouts;
    It's just an idea I got from Steam while playing Saints Row IV.
    The in-game control configurations are depreciated, since sll the in-game commands can be mapped directly to various gamepad inputs when customizing the controller for SRIV.
    So, what if you could remap the gamepad buttons to do that in reWASD with games not running through Steam?
    I'm thinking it wouldn't be possible unless the game had the command hooks pre-built into the game for reWASD to grab. However, I know that old RPG Maker games had a input settings to remap keys to the directional inputs and the eight buttons, which in theory means it may be possible, in such situations, to remap a controller to whatever the input settings window of those games binds the chosen input to in the code.
    ​​​Of course, I could be terribly wrong. The Virtual Custom Layout is just an idea I had, and while it would be really cool to include, serves no purpose unless the function can't be assigned to a button through normal means; like having an input command for a debug menu, but never having the input for it. [ie: there are 14 buttons on a Switch Pro Controller, not including the POV input or Axis inputs, but the controller settings in Devices and Printers shows 16—15 and 16 not accessible by normal means.]​​​​​

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    We have some ideas about how to extend Gamepad mapping for Nintendo Switch Pro. You suggestion is taken into account, follow the updates

    As for Virtual Keyboard from reWASD, I would need more explanations. Yes, the device is created right after reWASD is installed. It is not interfere with the physical keyboard and never takes control in games until you switch Remap ON. Does it cause any troubles?