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Few improvements: Lightbar control/Speaker/Trigger Vibration/Analog face buttons

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  • Few improvements: Lightbar control/Speaker/Trigger Vibration/Analog face buttons


    These suggestions are not something very important but it would be nice to implement them in future.

    Dualshock 4:
    1) Lightbar contorl. Ability of changing DS4 Lightbar color when pressing button and coming back with delay after releasing (eg. macro for setting red color when casting fire spell).
    2) Support for Dualshock 4 back button attachment to have new paddles support.
    3) Possibility to use DualShock's speaker to play some short sounds (similar to SteamController when connecting/disconnecting/switching mode/layout).

    4) Something like X1nput what is converting Xinput signal to Windows.Gaming.Input API and enabling trigger vibration for more games. Instead basic vibration we would get trigger too.
    5) Support for Brook X ONE Adapter ( to enable gyro support for Xbox One controllers. Adapter is pretending that Xbox One Controller turning into DualShock or Switch Pro controller, what spoils trigger vibration.

    6) Haptic feedback for SteamController when we are swiping touchpads. It's nice feature of SteamController which is improving user experience a lot.
    7) Wishful thinking: PS3 analog face buttons support. Probably not possible because of Xinput, but you are doing magic with Xbox One Elite controller, so maybe you will be able to find a way to implement it. Analog face buttons would work more like triggers not like digital buttons.


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    Hey there!

    Thank you for some many ideas, we do appreciate any suggestions that make us better


    1. Nice idea, at the moment, we use LED only to detect which config is applied, which Slot or Shift is active. We will think how to add this functionality too in the upcoming releases.

    2. Unfortunately, it is not possible. We have checked this device, it doesn't report anything unique, it is designed the way it is not possible to distinguish those additional buttons as separate controls.

    3. This sounds possible Not sure when it could be done, but it is in our plans. How would you like to use it? I mean, which actions should trigger sounds?

    4. With reWASD 5.5, we have added a virtual Xbox One controller. Now, once you switch to the virtual controller, it is better to use this type. If a game sends trigger motors, you will be able to feel them on your device. Or do you mean something else?

    5. Interesting, we have never tested this one, but it looks pretty cool. Do you have it? Once you switch to PS4 mode, does reWASD see it?

    6. Just to be sure that we are talking about the same things. You are about tiny vibration signals that you get in Lizard mode with trackpad working as a mouse?

    7. May I ask you how you want to use this functionality? It is implemented in DS3 only and was not even supported by most games. How do you wish to use it in reWASD? Which benefits?


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      Thank you for reply!

      1. Perfect! Finally we will have good Lightbar support on PC. It would be nice to have LEDs control on other controllers too (eg. Steam Controller). Or LED number control - eg. fourth layout is showing 4 on Dualshock's 3 LED, swiching equipment slot or car's gear is lighting different number etc.

      3. Mainly I wanted many beep sounds, to configure them like we want. Eg. switch mode to different overlay has sound signal, coming back to main one has it's own. We can recognize by sound that we came back to main overlay (like Steam and Steam Controller during switching overlays).

      Pressing buttons.and switching overlays can trigger sounds I've checked article how it's used on PS4, and along some basic sound pack it would be nice to have possibility to play custom sounds in our configs too. Eg. pressing map button will play "opening map sound", reloading gun will play reloading "tick" sound, throwing granade can have his own "tick" sound too, turning on torchlight can play it's own sound, even activating menu can have nice sound.

      Switching output device for sound for few seconds would be nice too, but can be annoying. Eg. pressing reload button and reload sound is stealed from headphones, played by gamepad and after 1 seconds sound is coming back to headphones. Or even better, replicating sound from game, to play reload sound in headphones and gamepad speaker for few seconds, but I am not sure if it's possible to play sound in both devices at once.

      4. Yes, this is what I meant. When application is receiving vibration signal from game, it's converting it to 2 gamepad motors and 2 trigger motors (usually it's not vibrating triggers, only 2 gamepad motors). I will test how it works with virtual controller. Thanks!

      5. I do not have it yet, but I am planning to buy to enable for my Elite Controller 1 bluetooth connection. I saw this on Gyro Gaming YT channel (@JibbSmart, author of Flick Stick is going to implement it in his software). From manual I see that it can pretend PS4/Switch/PC/Xbox One controllers, so reWASD should be able to see it without any problem. Switch mode should be the most efficient.

      6. Yes, I meant these tiny vibrations from Lizard mode.

      7. Tbh, full functionality is not needed for me, but it would be nice to have it to be able to recreate nice configs of Ps2/PS3 games. Especially playing racing games is weird if we want to have 1:1 PS2/3 controls. ScpToolkit is doing good job for PS2 emulators, where gamers can use pressure sensitive buttons.

      How would I like to use it?
      • I would like to have 2 levels of press: soft press and full press (triggers should have this option too). It can work as shift modifier for d-pad buttons - go normal till full press, then run or go slow till full press then go normal.
      • For normal buttons it would allow two type of activators - eg. depends on game soft press can prepare for action like aiming, slowing down tempo (bullet time), pausing, full press is doing proper action action - eg. throwing nade, weapon, shooting, knife. Eg. aiming without shooting and when full press - aiming with shooting.
      • In some games even it can slow down time when soft press, full press performing action, and releasing soft press is coming back to normal time flow.
      • Other use can be - soft press is defending (eg. shield), full press attack. Until we decide to attach, character is defending. One button is responsible for two importan actions.
      • Changing stance can be nice too, soft press is activating attack stance, full press atacking, releasing soft press coming back to previous stance.
      • For racing games soft press can be macro which is stopping pressing "forward" button every few seconds, to control tempo, full press will be full speed. Or nitro modifier, but this can be not so comfortable.
      • Can be too sniper zoom control - slow mouse scroll with soft press, fast with full press. Or zoom in when full press, zoom out when soft press.
      • Too many examples, so I will cut here.

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        1. We do work with Steam LED but it doesn't change a color. However, you can set different modes. DS3 has Player LED, and at the moment we use them to show an active slot only. We will think how it is possible to add all those things as a mapping. Am I right, you want to press a button and lighten one of those Player LEDs on DS3?

        3. Big thing to make, both the beep sounds and the ability to switch the audio from headphones to the controller. Will do some research.

        4. Great, hope it is exactly what you need!

        5. We would be happy to get your feedback once you buy it. We will investigate it from our side too, quite an interesting device.

        6. Got it. Not sure how to make the similar effect, we will research it.

        7. Wow, so many use cases, looks nice. So, you want to be able to get two actions on PS3 buttons, right? Soft Press + Full Press. We will consider this idea, thank you for the suggestion!


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          Lightbar control is priority, others LEDs are not so important.
          Yeah, two zone PS3 buttons would be really nice. Thanks for your support!


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            Got it :satisfied:


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              Hey there!

              We have bought Brook adapter for some tests. Yep, it is detected by reWASD in PS4 more with Xbox Elite and allows using gyro, nice :satisfied:

              However, only USB connections works properly, with Bluetooth, the device sends incorrect calibration data. Seems like a big issue.
              We have contacted the manufacturer but never got the answer unfortunately. If you are still planning to buy it, please be aware of the gyro issues with wireless connection.


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                7) I did some reasearch and I see that some software is supporting analog face buttons for DualShock 3 already. It's ViGEm driver (FireShock and BthPS3), emulators PCSX2 and RPCS3 and GInput for GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas. List of links in sources: PCGaming wikia - DS3 Controller.
                Since reWASD 5.5.1 we have support for soft/full press buttons, so maybe it will be not so difficult to implement this for other buttons. Anyway, even DualSense controller can have soft/full press like Steam/GameCube controllers, so this brilliant feature should be spread to different controllers too (like DualShock 3). 😁

                Some basic gyroscope support for DualShock 3 would be nice too. It's not so advanced as DS4 gyro, but drivers/applications (previously listed) are using it too. It would be nice to emulate at least small mouse movements (left - right or up - down). This controller is very neglected on PC, even if it has such unique features.


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                  DS3 doesn't have gyro, it has accelerometer. Since the latest reWASD version (5.6.1), you can remap it for the virtual accelerometer of DS4 controller, and we do plan to extend this functionality and let you map anything to all three axes of the accelerometer. Stay tuned

                  Soft and Full presses for triggers are a bit different thing in comparison with DS3 controller's buttons, but your suggestion is taken into account, no worries. Have lots of planned things, so won't promise you anything exact right now


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                    Originally Posted by reWASDer View Post
                    Hey there!

                    We have bought Brook adapter for some tests. Yep, it is detected by reWASD in PS4 more with Xbox Elite and allows using gyro, nice :satisfied:

                    However, only USB connections works properly, with Bluetooth, the device sends incorrect calibration data. Seems like a big issue.
                    We have contacted the manufacturer but never got the answer unfortunately. If you are still planning to buy it, please be aware of the gyro issues with wireless connection.
                    Does reWASD detect both the Elite controller and the "PS4" gyro when PS4 mode is enabled?

                    I would like to be able to configure it such that I could get full use of the paddles of my Elite Series 2 controller, and add gyro capabilities, possibly through seeing the gyro output from the adapter as separate device. The ability to use gyro with an Elite Series 2 would make it the perfect controller for playing competitive FPS games on PC.

                    Brook has released this: which works the Elite Series 2. It may be possible to have a Micro-USB connected to the adapter going to the computer, with another cable connected to the controller (so the adapter and the controller have separate inputs to the computer). In my mind, it should be possible to read just the gyro output from the adapter and tack that on to the configuration overlay for the Series 2, but software is not my specialty.

                    Does this seem feasible?

                    (amazon link:


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                      In PS4 mode, the device will be reported as DS4 controller, no paddles. At the moment, reWASD will see it as an ordinary PS4 controller in this case.
                      We can't add paddles support here from our side. We have tried to contact Brook for the partnership but never got any answer. You could try to reach their support team, maybe it will convince them to work with us

                      We haven't tested the new model, but most likely it also turns the controller to the DS4.